Self report/scared

by Mthoney19 Mthoney19 (New) New Nurse

Hello all, I am new here and wondering if there is anyone from Maryland who I could talk too. I have allegations of diverting and am planning on self reporting to the BON to save my license. I hear the rehab program is 5 years long. Be honest with me how bad is it? Will I have any kind of life outside of meetings and working and testing? I am not worried about the sobriety part but looking forward to getting clean and the help I need. But I am so scared of 5 years of walking on eggshells, the monitoring, the meeting requirements and actually finding a job that works with me, getting approval for a job, not being allowed to travel. I was actually planning on leaving nursing next year and then I screwed up. Now I feel like I am stuck in nursing forever whether I want to be or not just to keep my record cleanish. Please talk to me.


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You’d be surprised how many of your colleagues are in the Recovering Nurse Program. Employers will work with you. Follow the guidelines of the program and you won’t have to walk on eggshells.

I understand your fear and shame. Keep going, you’ll make it.


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I am not in Maryland but in the same boat. I called to self report today but had to leave a message. I am so terrified. I live in Florida and have heard horror stories about the program. My lawyer made it sound like it won't be that bad but the stories I have heard here are the opposite. Best of luck to you!

BTW, any advice on how to tell my husband what is going on? He is going to kill me!