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messedupbigtime has 14 years experience and specializes in RN.

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  1. messedupbigtime

    Florida evaluator

    I got my list of evaluators to choose from for IPN...any recommendations? I got LW from Tampa, GR and ST from Gainesville.
  2. messedupbigtime

    Help from Florida nurses!

    @OhNoUhOhRNYeah but what was your offense and what did you say or do to get through the evaluation to get the 2 most IOP?
  3. messedupbigtime

    IPN Finally got my contract.

    How did you get IOP? I need to know what to say in evaluation to avoid inpatient treatment
  4. messedupbigtime

    Help from Florida nurses!

    I at least need outpatient...any advice on how to get through the evaluation with least recommendations?
  5. messedupbigtime

    I can't get a job!!

    Don't give up! I am in Florida. Plenty of jobs but there were quite a bit of hiring freezes for a while. If new grads can get jobs, you certainly should be able to with experience. Besides, it's not like you don't have a legitimate reason for the lapse in employment. I would stick with hospitals, the longer you stay out the harder it is to get back in. Good luck!
  6. messedupbigtime

    How did I get here?!

    Hi, I was caught in a narcotic diversion at work. I was compliant with the employer and am pending urine results and official word on employment status. I can not believe I got into the mess but I am willing to fix it. I do admit there is a problem and can probably benefit from the restrictions and monitoring. However, I am absolutely terrified of what lies ahead. I called today to IPN to self report. I had consulted a lawyer and he advised that self reporting was probably my best option but not to disclose to IPN the details of why I was referred in the first place. My questions are then: 1) how to do you get through the evaluation, etc without being forthcoming if you are in fact guilty? 2) how honest do you need to be and at what point? 3) What if I play it off like I don't have a problem but my hair follicle test is positive, then what? I am not afraid to admit to myself of my problems, or do what it takes to help myself. I just do not want to get stuck in a lengthy and costly rehab and am trying to make this the least painful as possible. I am currently supporting my family and have small children and I worry how we are going to make it through. If I can get back to work as soon as possible, the better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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