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    Self report/scared

    Hello all, I am new here and wondering if there is anyone from Maryland who I could talk too. I have allegations of diverting and am planning on self reporting to the BON to save my license. I hear the rehab program is 5 years long. Be honest with me how bad is it? Will I have any kind of life outside of meetings and working and testing? I am not worried about the sobriety part but looking forward to getting clean and the help I need. But I am so scared of 5 years of walking on eggshells, the monitoring, the meeting requirements and actually finding a job that works with me, getting approval for a job, not being allowed to travel. I was actually planning on leaving nursing next year and then I screwed up. Now I feel like I am stuck in nursing forever whether I want to be or not just to keep my record cleanish. Please talk to me.

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