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I am new to this site, this is my first post. I have been desperately searching the web for forums with people who might be able to relate to the despair that I am feeling right now. I am in my 30s... Read More

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    Please note that I observed the OP is addicted to amphetamines, and that this occurs even with taking them as prescribed. This is a fact. Whether it is good or bad the OP has to decide.

    Next, I opined on the only option for discontinuing the Adderal with any likelihood of success. Again, whether or not the OP wishes to D/C the medication is entirely up to her.
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    Tolerance to the drug is to be expected. I have taken it for 12 years and like you can't function without it. With that said I have some questions. Why do you feel like your addicted? Why is it only prn? How much are you taking? Have you tried the extended release? I know there is a big stigma attached to adults with ADD/ADHD but people who do not have it will never understand what we go through on a daily basis not mediated. If you truly have this disorder and wish to go off the Adderall there are as I'm sure you know other medications. They do not work for some but is worth a try. I know how you feel don't beat yourself up about it.
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    If you feel like something is not right then go with your gut, talk to your prescribing doc about it, get a second opinion. I am concerned that some of the responses here are sending the wrong message. Things like, (and I am paraphrasing) "don't worry about it because it is PRESCRIBED to you" or "you don't have a problem because it has the same effect on me too." If you think that your usage has gotten out of hand talk to a licensed professional.
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    Hi, I came across your post and feel for you completely. Your story reads exactly like mine and feel it is important to say that you are not alone. Last month, I took a medical leave from my job (I also work as a nurse in an Emergency Dept) to enter an inpatient drug treatment facility for Rx Adderall dependence. It was the scariest and best decision I've ever made.

    Looking back, I know I never could have gotten off this drug by myself. The withdrawal symptoms were very uncomfortable (primarily, the physical exhaustion) but being in a tx facility made the withdrawal much less uncomfortable. I was in tx for 28 days and after the 2 week mark, physically I began to feel normal. I still encounter occasional bouts of mental fogginess, but life off of Adderall in addition to receiving support form the recovery community is WONDERFUL! I honestly can say that I didn't think that possible 1 month ago.
    It seems like you realize that your Adderall use is unhealthy and recognize that stopping your use will be a difficult task on your own...I truly hope that you will make the right decision for you and trust your feelings. It takes a strong and courageous person to admit she needs help!

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    It is worth stopping just so you don't have to deal with the pain-in-the-ass pharmacists. Oooooh, schedule 2! Call the security guards!

    Yes, you can stop taking it and feel normal again. I was prescribed 20mg tid for years, then borderline high BP caused me to look objectively at it last year and I stopped (with my MD's guidance of course). Took a week and I was back to normal. Now I think I am actually calmer and less anxious in social situations, but my wife sees no difference. I think I sweat less, and sleep better (now that I think about it I've slept through the night since I quit). Did gain some weight, sorry to have to tell you. Not a lot, though, plus I'm old (50) so...

    what doses were / are you guys taking?
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    There are many other options for ADHD meds out there. Adderall is just one of them. Just my OPINION it does sound like the OP is abusing her Rx. I think there have been a great many suggestions made on what the OP could do and the best option would be detox. I personally would not trust my employers EAP, and would word it very carefully if approaching my doctor about this problem. Remember they are obligated to turn you into the BoN id they suspect anything close to addiction. The best thing would be to find a tx center yourself and enter it voluntarily. Take a LOA from work and get better, its nobody's business why you're not at work! Once you have both feet on the ground return to work drug free! You talk about being foggy and making a mistake and killing someone, you're just as capable of that in the meds. Best of luck and i hope you get the help you need before its too late!
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    @Hunniebadger: how's your new job going?
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    I've suffered from garden variety depression for most of my adult life. It manifests as lethargy, sluggishness and mental 'fogginess'. This is how I know if my anti-depressant isn't working anymore. I've had to change the med a couple of times when it stopped working. I'm not making any diagnoses here and I don't know what one should feel like on the days one doesn't take Adderall, but it doesn't seem right that one would be so extremely lethargic and foggy feeling. You might very well be addicted to Adderall, but you also might be experiencing increased depressive symptoms. This is something to discuss with your doctor and find out if there is a way you can cut back on the Adderall without feeling like you are a danger to your patients. I see no reason to alert the BoN unless some illegal activity is involved.
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    TX...My official start date is next week. Had to get all the stuff for the BoN completed before i could actually begin! I'll keep y'all posted
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    @Hunnie- can't wait to hear about it!!

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