states that DO NOT require SSN.

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    Just an FYI for any non-American travelers out there who do not have a social security number... I was searching for a list of states that don't require a SSN to get a job because as a Canadian, you have to take an assignment in one of these states to get a SSN while youre there so you can travel to a state that does require a SSN after... so here it is!


    Hopes this helps!

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    Are you talking about boards of nursing that do not require a SSN to apply for a license? Every employer in every state does require one - you cannot get a job without one.
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    Yes, SSN to apply for licensure and/or your first travel assignment... Until you arrive in the states to apply for one. I am aware US employers require a SSN legally, just as you must have one in Canada.
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    Moving thread to International Nursing forum as more appropriate there. Technically, all states are supposed to require a SSN upon application or at minimum prior to issuing a nursing license, it is a rolling implementation CA, VT and other states have already began enforcing this edict.
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    AZ as far as I am aware require a US SSN with application or at the most will not issue a license without one.
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    I notice NC is on the OP's list. Per the NC BON website, they do require an SSN to issue a license. Also per the NC BON website, this is a Federal requirement -- so all states will eventually be in compliance; it's just taking some states longer than others to get the new regulations and procedures in place.
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    NY doesn't need SSN too
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    New Mexico doesn't require SSN. I can confirm that as I just got a license issued there as a foreign nurse.
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    Quote from grantsally1
    New Mexico doesn't require SSN. I can confirm that as I just got a license issued there as a foreign nurse.
    Here's the question I have..let's ASSUME, I pass the NCLEX without a SSN, that's great! BUT how does one get a nursing job (NOT as a traveler), as it's been mentioned here "Every employer in every state does require one - you cannot get a job without one."

    I know that's true as looking at any employment application, it clearly states something to the effect: "Are you legally able to work in the United States?" Sometimes, it's just a box to check "YES" or "NO". One can't check check "YES", if they don't have a SSN or green card holder, etc.

    If you say "Yes", you can work, one must provide the employer with a valid SSN card number or their PR information. What are your plans to implement working in the States? I'm guessing you're already working on your PR status or ??
    Thank you in advance and congrats on getting your RN license that's one job well done!
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    Thanks for that steppybay. I will be using E3 visa which requires a job offer from the employer which at that stage don't have to supply a SSN. As soon as I get a job offer together with LCA from the employer I can apply at a US consulate for the E3 visa on the spot. If approved then I can apply to get the SSN prior to landing in the U.S which is then supplied to employer before starting with them. You only need the valid Visa to apply for SSN outside the U.S.

    Not sure about other visas though. I had no problems getting New Mexico License without SSN and currently endorsing to Colorado using SSN waiver for foreign nurses for endorsement. $43 to endorse pluse $30 Nursys verfication fee. I don't know how RN's will circumnavigate the SSN issue with the boards of nursing when they all change to SSN requirements prior to any applications. It will be impossible for foreign nurses to apply full stop. We all know we have to have a SSN prior to working which is fine but it makes it very hard to gain licensure and thats the only issue most of us have.
    regards and best of luck

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