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  1. steppybay

    RN endorsement in CA?

    Until you actually hear by writing from the CA BRN evaluation, you have to wait till you know exactly what will be deemed as being deficient in what courses, most applicants are usually lacking two most common classes, but we've seen many also that were missing or deficient in more than those two and could be as high as 4 courses or more. If it's determined that you're missing more than the two, it's not easy to find a CA school willing to enroll those with that many deficiencies and the minimum requirement would be to re-take the entire nursing program. The reason being you only have a 3 year limitation to complete any and all deficiencies from the initial date of the letter of declination. The CA schools will not bother enrolling you since it would be a waste of your time and some other applicant who already knows what they need to enroll and would be be given the first rights to be on the waiting list. As stated from the other poster, it doesn't make sense to enroll and finish the two usual deficient courses in any other state, if CA BRN says you're also missing chemistry, Psych or other various courses, then you'll have to find courses in CA that's even harder to get enrolled in.
  2. steppybay

    CA BON required theory and clinical hours

    Ask your school advisers if they have any real life situations with submitting the transcripts to the CA BON and have not had any recent issues with your nursing hours and cases able to pass the CA BON requirements. It's possible within your own country's colleges/schools there could be some that know the CA BON minimum requirements and other schools that have no clue since they are not concern with any USA requirements as the main agenda is to serve only that particular country's licensing board.
  3. You eliminated three states already and you're limited to stay within the Midwest areas and limited to not having an international RN license, so why not start looking into those Midwestern states closest to where you want to work and go from there? Let's say, WA state or OR doesn't require the foreign RN license but then, it's too far from your Midwestern family ties, so these Western states are an automatic no-go.
  4. steppybay


    If the SSN is a work authorized one, there should be no problem.
  5. steppybay

    pursuing Nursing in the US

    I do believe that one of the CA BON documentation requirements is to provide proof of your PH nursing license. From the time of the CA BON notification letter, you'll have three year's to complete that requirement before the application and non-refundable fees are gone. Suggest that you try to take the licensing exam in the PH before coming over.
  6. steppybay

    LvN requiring Cgfns

    It's possible the CGFNS is looking into the BVNPT regulations and now noticing that the BVNPT does have the same concurrency rules as the CA BRN.
  7. steppybay

    California endorsement

    There's another very good thread on your same concerns, you'll have to search for it, but it's all there.
  8. steppybay

    Approved by CA BRN

    Posted back in 2014 using those using fake documents: https://allnurses.com/international-nursing/use-fake-transcripts-929155.html Never heard of the ringmaster (lady) getting caught yet so it's possible it's still going on as money talks.
  9. steppybay

    Approved by CA BRN

    To file the appeal: How do I appeal the denial of my application for licensure?You have the right to appeal the license denial and to have an administrative hearing under the provisions of Section 485(b) of the Business and Professions Code. You must submit the appeal in writing to the Board office within 60 days from the service of the notice of denial. If you do not submit an appeal in writing to the Board, you will automatically waive your right to a hearing, and your application will be deemed denied. Should you appeal and the denial is upheld, the earliest date to reapply is one year from the date of service of the notice of denial. What will happen if I choose not to appeal the application denial?If you choose not to appeal the application denial, you will be allowed to reapply for licensure one year from the date of the service of the notice of denial.
  10. steppybay

    Approved by CA BRN

    To file the appeal, you must do so WITHIN 60 days of the first letter of notification of your application status (declined or rejected), in WRITING or lose your rights to appeal. Below in a separate posting you will find the appeal process. In your appeals letter, you must state why you believe that your application does meet the minimum requirements of the CA BRN. If you decide to give the names and license number (of the people who personally know that got the license), they may or may not accept that fact. But know that it could open the files of those who know got their license and subject them to possible license action taken against them if they used fake documents but if not, they will not know you mentioned their names and life goes on undetected. Realize that this is partly how the CA BRN found out of the fraudulent applicants and applications in the first place that's caused the microscope reviews of the PH applications. Back to your concern, it's possible that the previous applicants simply and truly met the concurrency rules. However, there have been previous posters who KNEW their friend's transcripts were altered by school officials (maybe taken a "bribe) I'm not saying your connects did this but the possibility exists. There could be a case of the CA BRN analyst who simply approved the application in haste due to the overwhelming of applications they must get thru the system and have quota's to meet. It's possible that some applications are still being presented with Recto documents (documents that can be purchased in the streets in the PH) as we all know for the right price, almost anything can be made. They say these forgers have gotten very good and like paper money that can be counterfeited. The CA BRN are unable to detect such deceptive documentation as they are having to rush thru 1000's upon 1000's of applications, which is why it takes longer to review the international paperwork vs those who's are coming in from local or domestic schools. As others have said, you can complain and complain all you want but it will not get you anywhere. Focus your attention on getting the requirements that's asked of you to comply. If it means having to re-take the deficient course or having to re-take the entire nursing program (as many have had to), then that's what you have to do if the appeal process doesn't work. The other option as it has been for thousands of others in your same exact situation is to start planting your roots in another state that you got your license in and build upon that. That will be the state you start your family with and where your kids will know for at least a decade or two, but also know that those years and years of paid working RN experience can NOT be substituted for your school's transcripts shortage. CA BRN will always look to your original school's documentation as the foundation of your application.
  11. steppybay

    PH grad NY - RN license endorsement to CA - RN

    Might as well, but leave the envelope sealed and unopened before mailing them. Once the original envelope has been opened, the contents would be compromised. You can thank the previous PH grads and PH nurses who lied and cheated the system that the CA BRN has caught on for years and caused each and every PH application to go under the microscope. So those that worked so hard for years and put themselves and their families thru hell and back are now paying the stiff penalty from those greedy and selfish PH grads and PH nurses who sold their souls to get the license.
  12. Just get them all so that you're not trying to get them if one is missing. But being a PH grad of 2010, you should be aware of the CA strict concurrency rules that has stopped thousands upon thousands from getting either the ATT or endorsement approved. It doesn't matter if you have an RN license from CN and from PH and or all 49 states and decades of paid working experience, CA BRN looks at your original school transcripts and request for full documentation (clinical cases etc) to be considered the ATT or the endorsement. I would suggest you read the many plights and frustrations of the other posters here who graduated from the PH only to be unable to get the CA license at all. You may get lucky in that maybe your transcripts will reveal that you were in full compliance with your courses and able to meet the concurrency rules and get the license. If not, be prepared to wait (1-2-3 years) to get enrolled in a course that you're deficient in and or have the financial means to write a check or use a credit card from $10K-30K before starting classes. If the CA BRN says your application is deficient in more than the usual two courses, get ready to re-take the entire nursing program (as that's the case since it could take you too long to find enough classes to stay within the 3 year of application completion, as many schools have a big waiting list) so it's probably best to re-take the program again to save time and money (sometimes just a wash). If you know for a fact at 101%, that ALL your cases and clinical were ALL done within the same months of the classes, then you're good to go, but if one or more cases were done 1-2 weeks before or after the courses or 1-2 years before or after graduation, then, the CA BRN will deem your application as not meeting the concurrency rules and you have 3 years to complete the deficiencies.
  13. steppybay

    No copy of clinical cases for ca-brn

    CA is NO longer the fastest, cheapest and easiest state to qualify for the ATT or endorsement since Nov. 2011. Now you know why literally thousands upon thousands of PH applicants that graduated between 2004/2005 to 2015-2016 have been moving their applications to other states and finding work in those states as they are unable to meet the concurrency rules within the 3 year limitation. Since you're planning to move to NJ anyways, why not start the application process there? Unless you find a CA school soon and assume that you have the money to pay for the pricey tuition (from $10K-30K plus today and upfront cost) for a school that could take you quicker or wait up to 2-3 years (if you can get on a waiting list) for a cheaper cost school. Many schools only offer the deficient courses in the summertime with no guarantees you will be given a chance to apply due to hugh backlog. By the time, NJ BON clears you after waiting several months for the course evaluations and probably not have to meet the concurrency rules there, you'll be ahead of the game and get the ATT and your CA application would be abandoned anyways. Should you decide to come back to CA, you will still have to meet the concurrency deficiencies as the CA BRN does not count years and years of actual working experience as everything is based on your original school transcripts.
  14. steppybay

    No copy of clinical cases for ca-brn

    Any PH applicants applying on or before Nov. 2011 was not affected by the stricter concurrency rules that has been in the CA BRN regulations for the past 30 years, nothing has changed since that time, just the mere enforcement month and year of Nov. 2011, which is why your classmate was approved. There have been many applicants who were approved under the Nov. 2011 deadline, didn't pass the NCLEX and upon their re-application, they were then denied the ATT and had to also meet the concurrency rules. Don't forget these same exact rules applies to any and all applicants, it applies to all foreign and local and domestic applications, if they didn't meet them. Why are you looking into courses in NJ to meet the deficiencies? I'm assuming you live there now or will be living there if they are found as none of the deficiencies can be done via any on-line courses, the CA BRN will not approve on-line courses.
  15. steppybay

    No copy of clinical cases for ca-brn

    Did your classmate apply for the ATT on or before Nov. 2011?
  16. steppybay

    Philippine Graduate applying for California NCLEX RN

    Not the CA BRN fault for the PH nurses for the situation affecting tens of thousands since late 2011, read this link here: https://allnurses.com/nurse-registration/who-is-to-682278.html