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  1. RN endorsement in CA?

    Until you actually hear by writing from the CA BRN evaluation, you have to wait till you know exactly what will be deemed as being deficient in what courses, most applicants are usually lacking two most common classes, but we've seen many also that w...
  2. CA BON required theory and clinical hours

    Ask your school advisers if they have any real life situations with submitting the transcripts to the CA BON and have not had any recent issues with your nursing hours and cases able to pass the CA BON requirements. It's possible within your own coun...
  3. You eliminated three states already and you're limited to stay within the Midwest areas and limited to not having an international RN license, so why not start looking into those Midwestern states closest to where you want to work and go from there? ...

    If the SSN is a work authorized one, there should be no problem.
  5. pursuing Nursing in the US

    I do believe that one of the CA BON documentation requirements is to provide proof of your PH nursing license. From the time of the CA BON notification letter, you'll have three year's to complete that requirement before the application and non-refun...
  6. LvN requiring Cgfns

    It's possible the CGFNS is looking into the BVNPT regulations and now noticing that the BVNPT does have the same concurrency rules as the CA BRN.
  7. California endorsement

    There's another very good thread on your same concerns, you'll have to search for it, but it's all there.
  8. Approved by CA BRN

    Posted back in 2014 using those using fake documents: Never heard of the ringmaster (lady) getting caught yet so it's possible it's still going on as money talks.
  9. Approved by CA BRN

    To file the appeal: How do I appeal the denial of my application for licensure?You have the right to appeal the license denial and to have an administrative hearing under the provisions of Section 485(b) of the Business and Professions Code. You mus...
  10. Approved by CA BRN

    To file the appeal, you must do so WITHIN 60 days of the first letter of notification of your application status (declined or rejected), in WRITING or lose your rights to appeal. Below in a separate posting you will find the appeal process. In your a...
  11. PH grad NY - RN license endorsement to CA - RN

    Might as well, but leave the envelope sealed and unopened before mailing them. Once the original envelope has been opened, the contents would be compromised. You can thank the previous PH grads and PH nurses who lied and cheated the system that the ...
  12. questions on how to endorse rn license to california

    Just get them all so that you're not trying to get them if one is missing. But being a PH grad of 2010, you should be aware of the CA strict concurrency rules that has stopped thousands upon thousands from getting either the ATT or endorsement approv...
  13. No copy of clinical cases for ca-brn

    CA is NO longer the fastest, cheapest and easiest state to qualify for the ATT or endorsement since Nov. 2011. Now you know why literally thousands upon thousands of PH applicants that graduated between 2004/2005 to 2015-2016 have been moving their ...
  14. No copy of clinical cases for ca-brn

    Any PH applicants applying on or before Nov. 2011 was not affected by the stricter concurrency rules that has been in the CA BRN regulations for the past 30 years, nothing has changed since that time, just the mere enforcement month and year of Nov. ...
  15. No copy of clinical cases for ca-brn

    Did your classmate apply for the ATT on or before Nov. 2011?