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  1. danisweetcheeks

    Canadian RN moving to california

    how are you liking LA? i literally had the exact same experience as you! went to houston for my first assignment too! Ive worked in california for one assignment last year but I'm going back, starting may 4!
  2. danisweetcheeks

    NYP Cornell

    You will not find ANYTHING cheap in the city unless you find a run down hostel. I finished 2 assignments at NYU in February and Manhattan is incredibly expensive, no matter how you look at it.
  3. danisweetcheeks

    Canadian traveling to San Francisco

    california is notoriously long and take their time for everything. that is exactly what i did... went to texas and got my SSN there. My license took at least 6 months to get once i applied in person to the CA BON. Their educational requirements are also VERY strcict and they often will refuse your license based on insufficient hours. they will not tell you if you have enough hours until you go through the whole process and pay all the fee's. california is very difficulty... but EVERYONE wants to work there, so why wouldnt they be? its the mecca of travel nursing!! lol
  4. danisweetcheeks

    Travel nursing in California

    i am from british columbia and had the same issue. you have to go to a state that does not require a SSN first. there are about 12-15 states that dont. I went to texas. new york is close by you and they dont require one. once you apply to that state and take a job there, you will get a job offer letter and can then take that to the social security office. other than that, if you can find someone in california to offer you a job without a SSN and license, give you a job offer letter, then you can apply for a SSN. california is very strict and can actually fine you for applying without a ssn. they are also extremely strict on their educational requirements to be accepted for your license. they also take their sweet time with everything and obtaining a license from them will take months.
  5. danisweetcheeks


    i just finished 2 contracts in NY with american mobile at NYU. amazing hospital. LOVED living in new york although, its just not for me forever, so i came home. i will definitely miss the hospital and the staff. i work in emergency though, no L&D experience.
  6. danisweetcheeks

    Palm springs traveling

    i worked in indio and lived in palm desert. the hospital in indio was... interesting! :) i will be travelling to southern california as well in april!
  7. danisweetcheeks

    Traveling alone to California

    hey! I will be travelling to california at the end of april as well, to souther california. where will you be going? ive also been working for 4 years, in emergency!
  8. danisweetcheeks

    NYC Travel buddy

    hey! did either of you take assignments in NYC? im working here now at NYU!
  9. danisweetcheeks

    Ben Taub ER travel assignment

    I did my first travel assignment at Ben taub. A little of my background- I had 2 years ER experience in a level II ER. Ben taub was another world! VERY busy. VERY fast paced. Most times, understaffed. You wear every hat - nurse, tech, housekeeping, porter.... Everything. I hated my first 2 months... By the end, it wasn't quite so bad. I considered extending but couldn't due to commitments at home. Expect 12.5 hour work days with 30 mins break, no break coverage. Great staff, very nice and helpful when they aren't swamped too. Houston was a fun city, so many fun bars/ restaurants/ lounges/ places to go.
  10. danisweetcheeks

    Travel assignment at Oakland Kaiser...wanting to live in San Fran

    Also... how do you feel about these pay rates I am talking to a few different companies about a couple jobs in the bay area.. oakland kaiser er $34 an hour, blended rate, EV shift cal pacific $33 an hour blended rate, 12 hr D/N cal pacific $23 an hour, blended, days all 36 hour work week
  11. danisweetcheeks

    Travel assignment at Oakland Kaiser...wanting to live in San Fran

    Thanks for your response Ned. I actually declined the position at Kaiser and accepted at Cal Pacific main campus, although the pay is ridiculously low. Just a better option for me as you said "live where you work" and i always wanted to live in SF. Do you have any experience with Cal Pacific? you are very well travelled! thanks again!!
  12. danisweetcheeks

    Canadian RN moving to california

    there are 14 states that dont require a SSN but VA and TX are the fastest and easiest states. i am also canadian, originally licensed in MN and got my TX license in
  13. danisweetcheeks

    Anybody want to start the new year traveling?

    Hey! I am starting an assignment on Dec 9th as well in San Francisco. Where are you guys travelling?
  14. danisweetcheeks

    Travel assignment at Oakland Kaiser...wanting to live in San Fran

    Hey! I know this is a year old but just wondering how you found your assignment at Kaiser Oakland. I am looking into taking one myself in the ER, and would also love to live in SF. How did you find the hospital? the commute? any opinions would be great!
  15. danisweetcheeks


    I worked in Houston for 3 months at Ben Taub. I had a couple friends who worked at LBJ. The one who took the housing was living at Brompton Court, which is closer to the medical center. LBJ is in a rougher part of the city, 5th ward i think? So you dont really want to be living right near the hospital. The other girl took the stipend and found her own housing downtown Houston.
  16. danisweetcheeks

    housing stipends san francisco

    To be honest, changing companies would probably much easier than the hassel of finding your own apartment, within the stipdend range and arranging your own furniture. If I were you, I would consider switching to a company who offers stipend as well as company housing. It is very easy getting a new TN visa. I am also Canadian and have dealt with this before.