Passed CA NCLEX 2008, just got SSN this 2012, applied for CA-RN license - page 38

hi to all! i passed the nclex last 2008. i just got my SSN last month as an employer based immigrant. just a week ago, i submitted my Completed Application for Licensure by Examination including a... Read More

  1. by   Mrsmolina
    Hi guys!! I am in the same predicament now. And i lost the letter that I have passed my nclex (2009). I will forward them the new application. I will also include a letter explaining my situation, my ssn card and my license from phl (which is also expired). Fingers crossed. The replies are so helpful for me.
  2. by   lauroj
    I don't know, my license is also valid for 2 years. It was released last May 19 but expiration date is April 30.
  3. by   Mrsmolina
    Hello!!! Did you get your license? I lost my pass letter too
  4. by   Mrsmolina
    Quote from evanchoy
    Basically you have to start a fresh application like how you did it the first time but only this time you have to include your expired passing letter with the application for them to know that you already passed the exam before and they will find your old file # from the expired letter. Once they receive the passing letter, they would not require any additional requirements like what they are asking from the new/first time applicants now (OR/DR cases etc).

    You do not need to call the CA BON just submit a fresh application with the old passing letter, copy of your ssn, submit the forms that goes to your school, and a live scan fingerprint.

    I just got mine earlier this year and those are the things I submitted so you should submit your application once you get here. Good luck to you
    Hello!! Did they require you more hours for your Psychiatric Nursing?
  5. by   acdim10
    Hello! I hope someone could help me here. I heard about concurrency issue in CA. My family wants to move to california this year. I heard from my schoolmates that CA asked them to do the program in which they have to go back to school. =( If I'm not mistaken, they have to repeat the OB and medical surgical nursing. =( I'm a foreign graduate. I passed my nclex RN license back in January 2010 ( california state). I don't have a SSN back then so from california I endorsed it to another state. now that I have my SSN and working as an RN from another state but wants to move to CA. Where do I go first? re-apply? what application? is licensure by examination or endorsement? I heard from some friends if you already passed your nclex in california originally no need to worry? is this correct? please help.