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  1. U can PM me here.. :-)
  2. Sure sure.. Congratulations!
  3. Nope. Just the SSN.
  4. As far as i know, no additional requirements. But to be sure, just call Cali BON. :-) good luck !
  5. I'm getting terminated from my first nursing job

    PEOPLE, focus! This is not English 101. This guy just wants us to show him the light. I don't have to judge u. What happened happened. Getting back to your question, here are my thought. Here are the possibilities: Resign Get fired Stay :: it...
  6. At the moment, they are being understanding with foreign nurses' situation because of retro. During my time 2008, they allowed me to apply to take the exam without SSN. Now, they don't. :-)
  7. Well, there is no need to attach a copy. The numbers will suffice. :-) good luck!
  8. Yes i did everything. Filling application forms, fees, fingerprinting/live scan.
  9. Any foreign graduate nurses in LA without a job?

    Hospitals are not the only venue for nurses. Try facilities, etc. good luck!
  10. Congratulations!! Welcome to the real world! :-)
  11. Well, u just have to write the numbers. Im not sure about changing names. But i did write the numbers and sent them a copy of my ss card too. It worked as i got my license.
  12. hey hi.. what do u mean by you are still waiting for your SSN? when u applied for SSN at the Social security administration office, u can get by mail in a week. they can even give u a temporary copy of it in 2-3 days. i waited for about 2 weeks to ge...
  13. To ALL: the CA BRN issued my RN license. there is still hope to those on same boat as me!!.
  14. that is such a good relief if i will not be having concurrency issues like your cousin. i would really like start my life and just go straight from there. thank u so much.
  15. NCLEX lapsed, starting all over again...

    hi! we have the same issue.. any updates? thank u..