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This is how much ER doctors are making

  1. 0 Lovelace Health System in Albuquerque, New Mexico was recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of the best places to work in healthcare and they now have openings for Emergency Medicine Physicians. This is your opportunity to live in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico and earn between $200-$250 per hour! Albuquerque has been ranked #15 on BusinessWeek's "America's 50 Best Cities" Lovelace Health System has won numerous awards, including being "One of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare" Long-term, Stable Contract since 2008 Leadership Team with Clinically Active Emergency Medicine Physicians Perks include Free CME, Excellent Malpractice Coverage with Tail, Flexible Scheduling, and pay rates ranging between $200-$250 per hour! Downtown Albuquerque - 33K ED Volume Lovelace Medical Center Central Albuquerque - 23K ED Volume Lovelace Women's Hospital Rio Rancho Area - 23K ED Volume Lovelace Westside Hospital
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    Thinly veiled recruitment ad ya think?
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    Too bad this is a nurse site... Almost 400,000 a year is not too shabby
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    Um, it's not
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    Was that salary a surprise to you Tim? I don't think it is wholly atypical, and I suspect Albuquerque is a difficult area to recruit. I am sure they want a physician boarded in EM vs. a internal medicine or family practice physician "moonlighting." I had a EM physician friend making $300 an hour about 5 years ago on the east coast in a not underserved resort area. I've lost touch with him, but I'm sure he's had a raise or two since then.
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    I know an internal medicine doctor who makes $180/hr and works two jobs. He's killing it with the salary. They worked hard to get to where they are and should probably make some money to pay back those student loans.
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    Thats a good point, some doctors are coming out of school with nearly $500,000 in student loans. Whereas I will be under $50,000
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    Yes it was, I am some how on their list as a physician. I didn't put myself out there as one, just for the record.

    Bluedevil, yes, I am surprised a little. Considering how we add to the team and make what? 1/3? Are we doing 1/3 the work? I understand they have more responsibilities, but 1/3? Well, who ever said life was fair?
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    I believe BlueDevil is actually getting paid the same as they physicians in her practice.
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    $200-$250 and hour? Hey if they work some over time they would make almost as much as my buddy who graduated from CRNA school a couples years ago and is now a partner in an all CRNA anestesia practice. I wonder if the ER docs get 2 out of every six weeks off?
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    Alternatively, I saw an ad for a neurologist position that only paid $220,000/yr. That surprised me. I thought the salary would be higher.
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    Hey, if they can make that kind of money, with the risks to their license in ER, and with that much student loan debt, all the power to them! I'm not complaining, or else I would have gone for MD!!!
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    Good for them! If anyone wants to make the salary of a doctor go be a doctor.