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ER, HH, CTICU, corrections, cardiology, hospice
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nursetim has 19 years experience as a NP and specializes in ER, HH, CTICU, corrections, cardiology, hospice.

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  1. nursetim

    Importance of NP Program Reputation, Name Recognition

    I went to Duke, I’ve been unemployed for 2 years. I don’t think my affiliation has helped me.
  2. nursetim

    Alphabet Soup of a Title

    I try to K. I. S. S. the only thing after my name is ANP, on formal occasions ANP-BC.
  3. nursetim

    Nearly impossible to find NP jobs

    With 1099 income in the 200K range, that equates to 100K as a W2 employee, less if you tack on health insurance, etc. Doesn’t it?
  4. nursetim

    Nearly impossible to find NP jobs

    I am an adult NP in AZ and have been unemployed for close to two years now. Many jobs for urgent care setting and family practice seeing all ages, a tonne of PMHNP jobs. I’m working with AZDES to help me find work. Today I shotgunned my resume and cover letter to 2-10 people group homes to do freelance physicals and non-emergent house calls. I also have my data 2000 waiver and would like to start and maintain people on suboxone. Problem is, in the past, I’ve been hopeless in business, I don’t know what I don’t know, which is to say, near total ignorance when it comes to business. I don’t have a clue why things dried up, even B.C. (before covid) the thought had crossed my mind that my age might have something to do with it, or I was blackballed by my last gig (they kept me around 12 months past the original contract and raises each time, so I kind of doubt it, but I don’t know for sure.)
  5. nursetim

    New Inpatient Detox Facility

    So what do you want to be when you grow up? I’m the same way. Except you were at the pinnacle of our career, CRNA, best pay, decent autonomy. I guess nursing jobs are like gorgeous women, no matter how hot they are, someone is sick of their emotional baggage.
  6. nursetim

    Best review class for FNP boards post graduation

    The Necessary NP Review course fit my learning style very well. She also had the best EKG review/refresher I’ve ever attended. Marye Kellerman is her name. She is absolutely outstanding. I can’t recommend her courses enough.
  7. Has anyone been contacted by their state’s BON looking to help out during the covid crisis? If so, please tell us what state, where you are licensed. I’m not curious about those contacted by staffing agencies, just direct contact from state BON where your name was harvested because you hold a state license. I’ll start, I have not heard a peep out of AZ BON. I’ve heard of the Phoenix paper talking about a 9000 nurse shortfall, but nothing from BON.
  8. Toughen up and dazzle them with your professional brilliance. i sometimes, well I always thought that they made nursing school harder than it needed to be to toughen us up. Come back with a pithy, yet professional retort. Keep in mind two things; never be as funny as you can be (I still have a problem with this one.) and “If you think it’ll make you feel better or it’s funny, you’re best off not saying it.” (I’m getting better with this one.) Tell then you’re 65, that’ll cut their hot water to a cold drip.
  9. nursetim

    What happened to the post masters certificates?

    Adult primary care.
  10. nursetim

    I'm Scared of Getting Fired

    I have a phobia about being fired, causes me no end of anxiety. I know, at least I think I do, what you are going through. I found locums work and don’t stay one place too long to wear out my welcome. I’ve hit a dry spell for the past eight months. I now plan to get my DNP/FNP and have a goal insight, this helps. I’ll give Nursing another chance to kick me out, they’ll fail, as they did twice before. Make sure you exercis and workout, this helps. Good luck dude.
  11. nursetim

    Jr. Male nursing student with a question

    Sounds like you just need to figure out which way to jump, good luck. Sounds like you’ll do well regardless of what you pick.
  12. nursetim

    Being Gay and a Male Nursing Student

    I’m heterosexual and I have women telling me about their cycles after awhile. We are all vulnerable in some way. Sorry, life is hard. Know that they are miserable creatures that have to try to exploit any, what they consider a character flaw. Harden up and drive on dude. You know your worth, don’t let them, anyone, tell you different.
  13. I’m looking for a post masters certificate in family practice. UofP, nope, have to get another masters, AND I have to take 3 courses because I don’t have a BSN (Duke didn’t require it because I had a bachelors already.) ASU sort of has a post masters, but not really. Theirs is tied into their DNP/FNP program, if they don’t fill the DNP, then they open it up to the PMC people, it never happens. I just got off the phone with Grand Canyon University, they told me the best they could offer me is another masters.
  14. nursetim

    Liability issues

    Is there inherent liability issues with an NP practicing as an RN?
  15. nursetim

    Psychedelic Nursing

    I wouldn’t bet the farm on this. With suicide on the up tick across the board and the emergence of ketamine therapy as a viable alternative. I believe ketamine works along the MDMA pathway. We will see more and more novel treatments.
  16. nursetim

    Any NPs have scribes?

    If you use EPIC, not all practices do. Still, would rather have a scribe.