Is Tramadol a scheduled drug?

  1. 0 Im in the state of missouri and I was wondering if Tramadol is considered a scheduled narcotic?

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    I've never known for tramadol (Ultram) to have ever been a scheduled narcotic in any state in the Union. Even though it is narcotic-like, it is not a true narcotic.
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    NM considers it a schedule IV, I believe.
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    It IS a controlled substance now in many states.
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    Not in Florida yet.
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    It is controlled in my state. It has a high potential for abuse.
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    Probably d/t its correction of underlying depression.....
    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    It is controlled in my state. It has a high potential for abuse.
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    I referenced Epocrates for this answer, and I've never known Epocrates to be wrong lol, but it states "Status varies by state. May be OTC, OTC w/ restrictions, Rx, or Schedule II-V; status determined by state laws."

    Federally, there doesn't seem to be a control over tramadol or variants.

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