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  1. Has anyone ever reported SSI fraud on a patient?

    I'd first have to determine the legality of doing so, and then I'd have no qualm whatsoever with reporting it. I'm always the first to demand police involvement when I observe something unlawful or suspect among our patients.
  2. Best Men's Nursing Shoes

    The ones I posted happen to be the type that I have three pair of from previous life work. When I went to work I wore them so it makes sense (to me) to wear them now to work. I like them because they are fluid impervious, easy to clean, more comfor...
  3. I'm not really into "physical nursing" as you put it either. I like knowing stuff, and I like seeing people do stuff. By that I mean, I love learning about physiology and pathophysiology, and I enjoy seeing other people enact various medical interv...
  4. getting sick from microbiology

    Undergrad micro is totally safe. I took it around 12 years ago, and the worst thing about it was the smell, lol. I wouldn't stick your fingers in the colonies and rub your eye, mouth, nose, open wounds, or genitals, but you'll be ok, lol. You won'...
  5. Cardiac, neuro, or renal?

    Renal is a lot more complex than most people think, but it's interesting so I believe it's "learnable." Cardiac is just fun. It's not really difficult, and most people seem to be interested in it. Cardiovascular my favorite system. Neuro is easy ...
  6. Relax, absorb, learn, take everything in stride. It's all doable. Many thousands of people have done it from stupid to intelligent, lol. One day at a time, grasshopper. Rather than focusing on the ultimate end, focus "long-term" on rocking the se...
  7. Sick of the Certs!!!!! Just let 'em be an NP!

    And again.
  8. Sick of the Certs!!!!! Just let 'em be an NP!

    Shall we continue?
  9. What does a great charge nurse need?

    It generally depends on the employer. I'm the charge nurse and generally assign new admits to a room, do their admission assessment, and assign a staff member to them. However, if I'm away from the desk I couldn't care less if whoever happens to an...
  10. Best Men's Nursing Shoes

    I wear these: Danner - Striker™ II GTX® Side Zip Uniform Boots
  11. Sick of the Certs!!!!! Just let 'em be an NP!

    To address some misunderstanding....
  12. psychiatric nursing - clothing

    It can be
  13. psychiatric nursing - clothing

    I like to wear these rather than slacks or scrubs: http://www.511tactical.com/All-Products/Pants/Tactical-Pants/Taclite-Pro-Pants.html You can comparatively shop and find them $10-12 cheaper online and often with free S&H. I also wear these wi...
  14. Giving Report

    I don't at all like the phrase "giving report." I refer to it as "briefing" since we're briefing the oncoming shift for their duties. At my employer, we brief everyone on the unit's oncoming shift in a conference room. I don't mind briefing the on...
  15. Switching careers and interested in psychiatric NP

    It's just something I've encountered. I'm not condoning nor denying it. I couldn't care less about what the rationale behind the statement is because I was merely passing the hearsay.