certification exam

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    im currently in an online fnp program, when did u guys/ladies start studying for boards??

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    I started studying 2 weeks after graduation for a total of 6 weeks.
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    I started reading review materials before the last semester. I am still in my last semester.
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    Thank you for responding. Good luck.
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    I graduate in August, but I have the Barkely CD'd and APEA Amelie's CD's that I listen to in my car on my way to/from work that I have been listening to for a while. I also have a few study guides that I read whatever correlates to what we are learning in the program. Goodluck
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    Thanks collie for that reply I was just wondering if it's a good idea to start before graduation
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    I think its a great idea to start studying before graduation, if your able to. In my case I couldn't do that because I had to study for finals, 2 major presentations, and had a thesis paper to submit. Everything was due around the same time. Good luck!
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    Thanks..i agree with you..The last term is always jam packed with work
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    I graduated in December and didn't start studying until after graduation. I did order any study materials/books before then so I had them ready to go. I took my exam on Feb 10. Good luck with the remainder of your program and studying! 😃

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