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  1. colsie


    Hi There was no interview process. I can't really remember when I got my acceptance letter. It is a new program so there are many kinks for them to work out. Goodluck
  2. colsie


    HI I am graduating in 2 weeks!!!! I can fill you in PM me.
  3. colsie

    ANCC Review Course

    Hi All I want to take a review for the boards. I am going to take the ANCC exam. I have heard comments on Barkely, Fitzgerald, Leik and APEA, however ANCC puts out a course and I am thinking since they give the exam that would be the best one, but I don't hear anything about it. Has anyone taken it or heard if it is good/bad/indifferent? Thanks
  4. colsie

    certification exam

    I graduate in August, but I have the Barkely CD'd and APEA Amelie's CD's that I listen to in my car on my way to/from work that I have been listening to for a while. I also have a few study guides that I read whatever correlates to what we are learning in the program. Goodluck;)
  5. Dembitz I have been going back and forth over which exam to take ANCC vs AANP. Most everyone says it does not matter and if you see a job posting that says "prefer ANCC" it is an oversight on the posters behalf, because, they assume thats the only credentialing body. Are you certain they will only accept ANCC? Did you recently take the exam? I am concerned that I will have so much more to study if I take the ANCC......
  6. colsie

    What do I need to take AACN

    Thanks guys..... so helpful. I am so nervous about even choosing what exam to take. I think I am taking the ANCC, there is a review near me given by ANCC, so I thought that for sure that would be a good review, since they know exactly how the test is constructed, ect.... temile, why did you take both, do you recommend that? I also have the audio cd on fitzgerald, barkley and apea. What do you think about one exam versus the other?
  7. colsie

    What do I need to take AACN

    Hi all, I am graduating this summer from an FNP program and want to take the test ASAP. What paperwork do I need, and what do I need to make sure my school does in order for me to take the exam without any delays, also what did you do to prepare for this exam. Thanks A bunch!!
  8. colsie

    Nova SouthEastern Fall 2012 FNP

    Hi favored103 I am a Nova Southeastern student who will be graduating this summer. I can assure you it is an accredited program, otherwise I highly doubt anyone would enroll. They do not have a pass rate yet, that is true as the first FNP class will graduate this spring. I personally like how the program is set up, for me it is very convenient as some of the program is online, but as you get further along you meet in the classroom once a week, which is what I wanted for my program. There are some that are totally online, but I learn better in a classroom situation. The professors are all knowledgable and professional. I have learned so much and am looking forward to putting it all together in a few months. I have met some really great people and we have all come along way together. It is a new program, so there may be a hiccup here or there, but nothing that as adult learners we can not figure out. As with any program you get out of it what you put into it. Is working well for me and many of my classmates and we all look forward to summer 2014 to graduate. Feel free to PM me if you want anymore information on the program. Thanks
  9. colsie

    Ball State University MSN

    Gettingbsntomsn. Do you mind posting where you chose to go and if you like it

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