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  1. Hello everyone. I read on the Web site of UpToDate that units earned from using UTD can be used to renew AANP license. Does anyone know if UpToDate units can be used to renew RN license in CA? Thank you all. :)
  2. olvr00

    Review of contract before signing

    Hello everyone. I have several questions regarding the review of contract before signing. 1. Did you review your contract right before signing in the office or did you ask that the contract be sent to you or a copy be given to you so that you can review at home before signing? 2. Is it ok to ask for a copy and review the contract at home before signing it? 3. Did you ask another person, eg a colleague, lawyer etc., to look at the contract before signing? Is it really needed? 4. Do you have a no compete clause? How many miles and years? 5. What are the provisions in the contract that need to be reviewed thoroughly. Thank you. :)
  3. olvr00

    FNP direct entry advice

    I finished my bachelors from another country with average grades and had 2 years of experience as RN. I believe my strong essay and good recommendation letters (1 from my dean) got me into the NP program. Good luck.
  4. Hello. Should the hourly rate be the same or different for an NP working full-time (40 hr/wk) without benefits and someone working part-time (say
  5. olvr00

    Broke and unemployed

    I am in the same boat as you are. But for me it's a little bit different, I'm finding it difficult to find the right fit. It's very challenging to find the right fit. I don't want to sign a contract then leave after a year. I just signed a part-time (as independent contractor) for a podiatrist. Will visit nursing homes two to four times a month. This will keep me afloat for now, hopefully. Hang in there.
  6. olvr00

    Passed AANP without live review?

    Did not do live exam. Passed AANP with Leik, Hollier, Fitzgerald. Started reviewing during the last semester.
  7. olvr00

    CalVet CA

    Hello. Has anyone applied at CalVet Homes in CA? How long does it take to get a score? I sent my application 2 weeks ago and have not heard from them or got a score for the exam yet. Thank you. :-).
  8. olvr00

    CalVet Homes

    Hello. Has anyone of you applied to CalVet Homes in CA? I sent my application 2 weeks ago and have not heard from them yet. Does anyone know the waiting period before the notification for the score of the exam? Thank you.
  9. olvr00

    Any NPs working for the VA?

    This maybe another topic. Any info on working for the state, compared to the VA? (salary, benefits, etc.?) Thank you. :-)
  10. olvr00

    How did you celebrate passing your boards?

    It calmed me down. lol :)
  11. olvr00

    How did you celebrate passing your boards?

    Went to church. :)
  12. olvr00

    Travel from home to work

    Hi, it's family practice.
  13. olvr00

    Travel from home to work

    Hello, how far is your workplace from your home? How far are you willing to travel for work (miles/minutes?)? Will an hour of travel (about 50 miles) be reasonable? Thank you all.
  14. olvr00

    Spanish for healthcare providers

    Hello, I've been looking medical Spanish lesson books online and can't decide which one to get. Most of them have mix good and not so good reviews. Any particular one that will be good for NPs? Thank you.
  15. olvr00

    Passed Boards

  16. olvr00

    NP Contract

    Has anyone experience negotiating a contract verbally one day and then when it's time to sign the contract another day was presented with different terms (rate and benefits)?