Average hourly rate for NP?

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    I am wondering what others that work for hourly pay make? I realize different parts of the country and different settings will be different amounts, but just looking for input on hourly rates.
    I always see average salary info for full time. which includes benefits.

    I currently work part time for $40 an hour. I have been at this rate for the past 2 years. In the northeast.
    and am wondering if I am underpaid, overpaid, or just right for my area
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    Hello Ginger
    Here in Houston you can expect around $42/hour as a new grad in the Retail setting (Minute Clinic etc) + 45/hour for weekend differentials. Im currently working per diem at $50/hour. Your wage sounds a little low for your area though, it may depend on the specialty???
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    Sounds low for your area given what rn's make.
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    I work in psych. I used to work in primary care as a new grad, then took a couple years off, then took this job 2 years ago. in between did some per diem. so all in all I have about 5-6 years experience.
    I have asked for a raise and was told because of decreased reimbursements a raise was not being given. I am at a loss as to what to do. I like all the other aspects of this job, but I feel like my rate should be higher, I am tempted to look elsewhere, but in all honestly I don't want to change jobs.
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    As a new grad in the South East, I was offered $30/hr. Didn't take it.
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    I live in the Northeast making $40 hr for part time work in both of my positions.
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    $35/hr for new grad in a private practice in central Indiana.
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    mammac5.......I made $30 an hour as a new grad 10 years ago.
    went to $40 after taking a few years off. and have stayed at $40 , but I see maybe I am not out of range.
    I have to think about all the aspects of my job, I do like it a lot, I work independently, my supervisor who works in another location is awesome, as is the support staff in the office.
    but more money is always good
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    Ginger-are you a PMHNP? Do you see children, adults or both?
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    Thanks for the info. I wonder if, since you are unable to get an actual increase in salary, you might ask for and get something else of value. Specifically I'm thinking about more time off, a bonus based on production, increase in the amount they pay for CME, or other benefits.

    Your employer should know that you enjoy your job and are satisfied with all aspects of it OTHER than the fact that you're at a standstill money-wise and your salary is not keeping up with inflation. Really you make LESS money every year because your salary does not increase but the costs of everything else do! They might also need to realize that they would spend a lot of $$$ to replace you if you decided to seek higher salary elsewhere.

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