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TPfan24's Latest Activity

  1. TPfan24

    Anyone noticing this trend with IV Avelox?

    My mother was prescribed oral Avelox today $$$ even with insurance.
  2. TPfan24

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers sent from New England.
  3. TPfan24

    Need prayers please

    Consider your son and family in my prayers.
  4. TPfan24

    Any National Conferences Out There?

    Also check out Pri-Med.com.
  5. TPfan24

    *Easy* things I just hate doing

    I never liked putting Ted stockings on a patient, getting them over the ankle, you can work up a sweat!
  6. TPfan24

    New grad that can't find any work

    Check out indeed.com.
  7. TPfan24

    need a name for ICU's softball team

    The Monitors Code Ball The Shifters
  8. TPfan24

    Boston Med-new TV show, will you be watching?

    Yes, I will be watching.
  9. TPfan24

    Fired from Assisting Living Facililty!

    Sorry this happened to you but sounds like you better off leaving that facility. It sounds like you were trying to do the right thing and the administration was cutting corners. Pain meds before bed to stop wandering? That is just not right. Also if the residents were in the memory unit, their care could certainly mimic that of a long term care patient. I too am not comfortable with the fact of minimal training of staff in some cases to pass meds. Faxing the doctor too often? What? You were covering yourself, always better to be on the safe side. Hold you head up high, you were looking out for the residents and follow correct protocol. It takes courage to take a stand and do what you feel is right even if it takes extra time, work and effort. Take some time for yourself, your longevity in the nursing field speaks for itself.
  10. TPfan24

    AANP Certification Exam

  11. TPfan24

    Can I do this job???? I need advice please.

    I just say thumbs up to the 81 year old patient, former nurse, that did not want that Lomotil anyway!
  12. TPfan24

    So I Wore my Cap Today

    That's great! i remember the days when I used to wear my nursing cap.
  13. TPfan24

    Advice?My sons friend is acting strange.

    Medical care ASAP! Don't take any chances. The symptoms described are indicative for immediate assessment.
  14. TPfan24

    practice without physician involvement?

    Nurse practitioners have independent practice in NH without a collaborating physician.
  15. TPfan24

    Anyone here pay out of pocket for np school?

    I paid out of pocket for my MS degree and it took me four years, sometimes taking one class at a time. I continued to work part time for two agencies and one facility. For my BSN degree I also went to school part time and it also took four years. Enrolled at the same college for 8 years.
  16. TPfan24

    unusual NP jobs

    I work in a physician owned weight management center. On staff we have a nutritionist, have had registered dieticians , and MA's. The physician developed this office and medical management of people seeking weight loss. This a comprehensive program involving a individual eating plan, much life coaching, and medication management for weight loss, insulin resistance, and hypothyroidism. Our focus is a manageable, doable plan for a healthier lifestyle in addition to weight loss. On the initial visit along with the H&P, labs are done and a detailed eating plan is developed that is acceptable to the patient. The patient is completely involved in the plan of care. I spent a few months with the doctor learning the office philosophies and methods of treating people with in most cases medically indicated weight loss. Also we use appetite suppressants in those people who meet the criteria medically. The first visit can take up to 2 hours and follow ups are done either every 2 weeks or monthly. This practice involves 3 offices and I am stationed at one of the offices with the nutritionist. I like this position. We can be very busy but generally have the freedom to take our time seeing each patient. I found this position online and and was hired just as their previous NP was leaving. Our population is mostly adults but we have treated some adolescents and there are protocols in place to address this age group. It's rewarding to help people not only with weight loss but to adopt a healthier eating and exercise plan. There are opportunities I believe in this field and I am glad to be involved in this office setting.