Anxiety over in-person job interview

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    I know I come here a lot seeking advice (and you have all been good to me) but I'm having serious anxiety over an upcoming interview. A recruiter put me in touch with a LTC/palliative care facility out of state. After two phone interviews they asked me to come for an interview, and are even putting me up in a nice motel. The recruiter talked to me today about things I should do. I didn't have a lot of money to spend but I've put together a "professional" outfit (though it looks kind of dowdy.). I was told to come up with a list of questions to ask, and I'm having some trouble with this. Any ideas?

    I've been looking for a job for so long, I don't want to mess this up. The recruiter said not to be surprised if they send me home with a contract. I'm wondering if by having me come down there they have pretty much decided to give me a chance, or if this is just part of the interview process and they are interviewing other candidates? I just wonder how close I am to actually having the position.

    Another question: if they hire me how long is it going to take to get a temporary license? How long will it be before I go down there and start working? I will be going from Tennessee to South Carolina. They are giving me an extra night in the motel so I can spend time looking around the area at housing. I'm afraid to get my hopes up, but does this sound like a pretty sure deal?

    There is another thing, I was told by the recruiter they may ask what sets me apart from other people who may apply to the job. This kind of makes me feel like a deer in the headlights...what sort of answer would they be looking for? Would they be looking for something like, how much experience I have working with the elderly and those who are near the end of life and I feel like I have attained some good experience in my career that could help me in my practice? Or am I totally off?

    Could someone help me put all this into a coherent presentation? I've just been to so many job interviews only to hear, "we still have other people to interview"..."we've got your number"...blah blah blah. I just feel like I should brace myself for more rejection.

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    My standard interview questions are;

    1. What type of person does well here?
    2. Is this a newly created position or am I replacing someone else? Why did they leave?
    3. What would my orientation/mentorship process be?
    4. Can you describe what my typical day would look like?

    As for positive about me I say I'm motivated to learn, I'm a quick learner and I know how to play nicely in the sandbox with others.

    Just be you!
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    A few things in your post that I wanted to comment on:

    You said you picked a "dowdy" outfit. While I'm not a good judge of what is trendy and fashionable, I would say that in this situation you probably do not want to give off an edgy and trendy vibe. You will be dealing with older adults and end of life issues. While your outfit doesn't need to translate literally to the role (i.e., funerarial, lol), as long as you look professional and neat, I think that's all that matters.

    In the interview, play out your strengths based on your past nursing experience. I think it's a good idea to point out that you've worked extensively with older adults. If you have a real interest in Palliative Care, make sure you stress that in your answers. I would read up on the field a bit so you know what it involves.

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    I think the facility is very interested to bring you out for interview. They want you to succeed. Previous posters have given you some good suggestions. Would it help you to try to role play the interview. Have a friend be the interviewer and you interview.. You may want to write a list of potential interview questions and your responses.
    Tell me about yourself.. -answer should focus on how you are good fit for the job
    What are your weaknesses- answer something that could also be a strength. Ie being a perfectionist.
    They ask behavioral questions now, I am told. Ie how do you deal with an angry coworker?
    There are no absolutely correct answers.
    The interviewer is just trying to get to know you and see if you are a fit for them.
    Maybe google job interview questions and start answering them for practice.
    Good luck!!
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    I second Juan's suggestions. BostonRN13 has good questions for you to start with. The idea is to ask something specific about the job/position/location to show your interested and that they need to sell themselves to you as much as the opposite.

    I would say it sounds like they are serious. Serious enough to spend money on you, I would typically not fly in a recruit for a position unless I was hopeful that I would be able to hire that person. Does that mean they would get an offer on the spot, not typically in my old profession, I don't know about what is typical in this one.

    As for the questions your recruiter mentioned to you, I think the answer to these are more personal. What sets you apart from others? Well, I would assume all candidates have a degree, so that doesn't set you apart, but your passion for this population, your desire to learn and grow, your professionalism, maybe even your other interests if they dove tail into the job are what sets you apart. This is a typical interview leading question to get you to open up about yourself, to sell yourself.

    Good Luck!
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    Be confident.

    They are paying to bring You in because they are interested in You.

    Listen to the theme from Rocky, or Eye of the Tiger, or whatever might pump you up before walking in the door.

    Ask questions that indicate you are interested in bringing value to your employer.

    What is it you are looking for in an ideal candidate?
    Who will I be working with? Other docs, APN, working independently
    What is missing right now, that you would like me to bring to the table? (Clinical focus, new services or duties, etc
    Are there things you would like me to do differently, provide a different focus?
    What is currently your greatest clinical or service challenge, and how can I help you with that? They may answer part 1, tossing part 2 in your lap.

    Ask the interviewer about themselves, and what they like about working there.
    End by thanking them, asking them if there are any other questions you can answer for them, indicate if you'd like to work there, and ask them what the next step.

    And it is ok to tell them you hope they will select You!
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    Good luck mountainaire! I have seen your posts on here and will be rooting for you all the way! You are a very well spoken NP, I can tell you are intelligent, and I know you will WOW them down in South Carolina! Remember if they are paying for an extra day so you can see the place they really have high hopes for you!

    Let us know how it goes!
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    There are never any guarantees in life but a hopeful, optimistic attitude will get you farther in your job search than a self-defeating one. Go with confidence! They are interested enough to pay your travel expenses. Best of luck! We are rooting for you.
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    Good luck!!!
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    We got all finished up and guess what they said?

    The ol' "we've got one more person to interview" spiel.

    Never again am I going to drag my kids on a 6 hour car trip one way for this. I'm just so finished. The recruiter, when he called to see how things went couldn't even believe it. I've just got to face that I'm totally unhireable as a NP. I'm beyond sick of this. Now I get to sell off some property to pay off a worthless student loan I can't even use. Life sucks for me.

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