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Ok, a little background. I have my background in management which is what I did before I became a nurse. I now have five years nursing experience as well as my ASN, BSN, and my MSN. I have been... Read More

  1. by   beeker
    I am appalled at what you wrote about ADNs . If that is how you truly feel, you probably have no business being in a management position. If one place offered you a low offer I'd say keep looking, but since it was two, I'd say it might be you. See what you can do to make yourself a better candidate. You need nursing management experience in addition to an attitude adjustment.
  2. by   SweettartRN
    I meant no disrespect to any ADN nurse. That's where I started, and worked my way up from. I believe that an education should be valued and taken into consideration, forgive me if that offends those of you who don't. I feel I have a great attitude, and I feel insulted that my willingness to not only work hard in my career, but further myself educationally is not taken into consideration. That's a lot of hard work for "nothing." It IS insulting, no matter how you look at it.

    With paying student loans, and carrying the financial load for my family, I know where I have to be, not where someone else thinks I need to be.

    BTW- Found a leadership position paying in the low 80's. I start tomorrow.
  3. by   salvadordolly
    Congratulations! I don't know where you live, but your OP sounded like you were low-balled. Good for you for standing your ground and looking until you got what you wanted. A lot of managment positions do pay lower than staff, which sucks. I won't do it unless I'm getting paid well because management is full of headaches. Also the student loans for the education.
  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    Quote from SweettartRN;

    BTW- Found a leadership position paying in the low 80's. I start tomorrow.

    Just curious,

    Was this job similar to the ones where you received the other jobs, or were there differences in duties and responsibilities that resulted in the higher salary?
  5. by   Syhuggins
    Quote from SweettartRN

    Michigan, and I have five years management experience. I would never take any of these jobs for less than 68,500, which I feel is even lower than should be accepted.

    I have no interest in either of these jobs because of the low ball offer, I simply feel discouraged and insulted at the clear difference between my expectations of salary and what is being offered. A DON in my area can expect to make at least $110K per year, an ADON, approximately $80-85K, just to give an idea.
    If your experience in management is not in nursing it won't be considered. Highly unlikely you'd find anyone to hire you as DON with only 5years experience and none of that as nursing manager. You have to work your way up thru the ranks and gain the appropriate experience. I'm a nurse manager in a community hospital making $100Kt.
  6. by   nurseboudin
    It took me a few years to get the salary I wanted. I did a few things beyond getting my MSN, got a specialty certification, participated in Research, served as a representative in my local AORN chapter, volunteered for community service events... It helped my reputation as a leader and the networking was amazing. I care about my profession and my teams. As a result, the money followed. I never felt entitled to a certain salary. I always worked for it until I eventually named my price and they knew I was worth every penny.

    You can try another market. I know we always want nurse leaders in Dallas. I was in leadership in a previous career, but this is a different industry and really- my previous leadership was NOTHING like nursing leadership- I have to send people - nurses and physicians- to peer review based on my own clinical knowledge and expertise in my area. This requires knowing the standards of care, facility policy and procedure, and the state's nurse practice act.

    Maybe you should look at other nurse leaders credentials and experience in your area and see how you size up, I think you might find you are being offered what they think you are worth.