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ppfd has 12 years experience as a BSN, EMT-P and specializes in ED, Critical Care.

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  1. ppfd

    The Good Moments

    Smile on my face/ Clocking out Payday.
  2. ppfd

    "Thank you for your service"

    Never had it happen. I tell people when they ask what I do, I'm a mechanic or truck driver...😂 Last thing I want to do is tell people about "the worst thing I've seen". Plus I drive truck and wrench on things on my days off. Things I'd much rather talk about.
  3. Hasn't effected me one bit. I had covid back in December and guess what! I am alive and well typing now!! I did get 2 weeks paid off so that was great. I work as a prison RN, at its height, we had 250 out of 500 female inmates with the 'vid. Zero admits to a hospital and zero deaths............ If it wasn't for the media and politics driving fear, this would be business as usual. Save your responses as well because I don't care. You are entitled to your opinions same as I am. Just as the shot and getting your "papers". I don't care if you get them or not. My GF hounded me into getting the shot, so I did to shut her up. She's a CT tech and the 'vid as well. Not sure about #2 as it will interfere with trip plans I have and I don't want to be sick from it. So I will ask, can I get #2 after the 4 or 5 week deadline? And for something supposedly free, why did they want my insurance information? I told them I had no insurance.
  4. Never love your job because your job won’t love you back.
  5. ppfd

    To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    LOL A wise old NYPD SGT I knew had a saying that holds true for any career "Never love your job, because your job won't love you back."
  6. I was a medic/FF over 20 years,RN for 10 now. I finish this BSN,I'm hauling *** into the finance/insurance/real estate business, fast food, wal mart greeter, gas station clerk etc. Like public service, no way I'd ever recommend nursing to someone I liked. Granted I work for a *** outfit and thats on me, and the ED to boot. But I can't see nursing anywhere, overall any better. And before asked I just wanted a bachelors degree. And its a Fing BS filled joke as well. Two things I've learned, APA is king and you can never do it right. Nurse teachers hate nurse students. 4 classes to go kids!
  7. Outraged? yeah. Doc would have needed a tube had he tried this with me or one of my female co workers.
  8. ppfd

    Can't Choose Between 2 Residencies

    That place with a sign on bonus. 1. You more than likely will have to pay that back if you quit, or get fired. 2. Ask yourself why is this place offering a 10 G bonus? With the supposed "nursing shortage" I always question these big bonuses. 3. I turn these bonuses down. Remember there are always strings attached to "free money". Better to be able to walk away no strings attached!
  9. ppfd

    Start Nursing School at 66?

    Yeah this is a horrible idea. I retired after 30 years as a FF medic. I went and got my RN while on the job. Your 66 and will be 69 if you do a 2 year program and then test. Enjoy yourself. If you just want some extra money, get a side gig at wal mart, lowes, home dept, mow grass, etc. Nursing blows friend.
  10. ppfd

    Do You Have a Toxic Boss? (eyeroll)

    Not so much my boss. I work with toxic A>> holes everyday. I dealt with bullies as a kid. As an adult not so much. I need to keep in mind I am single no kids and can go and do whatever I want. Job makes you miserable, quit.
  11. ppfd

    What makes a good manager?

    I work in a free standing ED for the local hospital so "we" are away from the typical BS. I've had the pleasure of knowing my manager before either of us got into nursing. She ran EMS as I did and do on occasion still. My opinion, if managers operated the way mine does, there would be a huge difference in morale everywhere. This lady does more and goes above her salary and job specs. As laid back as they come, fair, personable, comes out of the office and works when needed and she does the work of 10 people! She has to do her share of butt kissing I'm sure but we hardly see it and knowing her it is as little as possible. Just got a new nurse to the ED that came from the floor in our hospital. The things they had to say and do was so off the wall it was comical.
  12. ppfd

    Tattoos in Nursing

    I have one on my forehead that says "No Regerts" in that old english scroll. Ah I remember that drunken night...... was it in Bali, or was it Bangkok?? Seriously, I'm a 47 male and I still can't think of anything I want to mark up my body with and spend that much money on. One of the guys on my crew, is a tattoo artist and owns his own shop. He has nothing below the shirt (short) sleeves. More than a few that I work with at my PT job in the ED have tats, one younger fella has to wear those "sleeves" to cover his sleeves. My daughter has more than enough tats. Her mom and I aren't thrilled about it. But she is a college graduate, works full time and pays her bills and lives on her own at 23. So I don't have much to complain about.
  13. ppfd

    What did you do before nursing?

    Firefighter/Paramedic 25 years still doing it full time. Went to RN school while working full time. Did some nursing a little since graduating nursing in 09. Probably will get into it when I retire or maybe go to NP or PA school which ever will be less B.S. head games like nursing was!
  14. ppfd

    Burnout or just Cranky?

    When I stopped caring, the job got much easier. I work full time in fire/ems but, it transcends across the room to nursing. i live with A holes 24 hours a day a few days a week. If I am not running a call, training or dealing FD issues I sit in my room and read or watch TV. I used to let work consume me. Now I don't care. I do what I am supposed to do. Treat pts like I am supposed to. Put out fires like I am supposed to, train like I am supposed to, etc, etc. I leave all the complaining and ******** to everyone else. I can't fix the budget, I can't buy new trucks, I can't make dumb people stop calling 911. I make sure my guys and myself don't get hurt and go home at 0800 each morning. I don't stay over and "talk." I have very few friends from work. Most want to talk work away from work. Not me. I work pt in nursing so for me it is a little easier. If the crap gets too thick I just don't get on the schedule or turn down call in work. I get a chuckle out of the "I love my job" crowd. Once you realize the job you love does not love you back. You can get on track to fixing yourself.
  15. ppfd

    Bullying in the Workplace

    I'm an RN as well.
  16. ppfd

    Bullying in the Workplace

    Trust me I'm a firefighter/paramedic as my regular job. On the medic side, it is not much better. I think thats part of the reason I've only worked part time occasionally and really have zero desire to be a nurse when I retire. I pretty much hate most people. Hate to say that, but after dealing all the B.S. on the EMS where I have a little more "freedom" do deal with things. Then to go and have to deal with it in a more structured and butt kissing situation. I don't want to or have to deal with it.