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Salary for assistant nurse manager/clinical supervisor

  1. 0 I was wondering what sort of hourly rate I could be looking for for a RN clinical supervisor position on a 40 bed acute stroke/medical rehab ward which is a stand alone hospital, but part of a large hospital system in Charlotte NC?

    It's a BSN required position with min 3years experience.
    I have 20 yrs exp including 7 years in stroke including education,clinical and research. Also 10yrs ICU exp and leadership/supervision.

    I was thinking maybe around $25-28 hourly?
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    Wow you have a lot of experience. Do you think you may be overqualified?
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    I made $27 when I was assistant manager.
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    Wow! What State are you folks considering? Of course, everything is relative to COL and other economic factors, but in the NE the rate I'd think would be more around $40.

    Try checking
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    Ive just applied for an assistant manager post in an LTC (in Australia) - the pay equates to USD44
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    seems low to me...
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    That pay seems a little low to me too. Especially with your experience. Do you live in the Charlotte area? Are you aware that housing costs in Charlotte are one of the most expensive in NC?
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    i make more than that as a floor nurse... seems very low. I use to be an assistant nurse manager in a skilled nursing facility and I made $40/hr but I live in Texas so I don't know..
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    You could get an estimate on specific to your area or base it on what is the top staff nurse salary there. Also, is it an exempt or non exempt position? Will you get paid extra for hours worked, at your hourly rate, or time and a half?
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    Most floor or staff nurses make more than Assistant Nurse Managers and even Nurse Managers. Consider they get OT, certification money, BSN/MSN differential, etc. it is not hard to get that hourly amount up there. If you're looking to go into Management for the money, I suggest you stay where you are.
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    Unless your leadership experience includes management (hiring, budgeting, responsibility for productivity, etc) you may find that it doesn't count as much as you would think. In which case you would be brought in at whatever the low end of the manager scale is in your area. I know many managers who make much less than staff nurses make.
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    I am the Nursing Supervisor for a 133 bed hospital and I make closer to $40.00/hr.

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