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Hello fellow nurses,

I would appreciate any guidance you can spare about the career path I should take to return to work. I've tried getting mentorship through ANA but it's fallen through twice.

My situation: I left my Med/Surg job after 9 years when my maternity leave expired because I didn't want to work bedside anymore. I have 4 years of Charge experience.

I'm interesting in leadership (Assistant Manager or Manager) as my next role, and I have my sights set on applying at a Magnet hospital/organization. I'm currently in an RN-BSN program with 1 class left (anticipated graduation is Dec 2024). I plan to pursue my MBA in September, and then a BSN-DNP after finishing with the MBA. 

Should I apply for Per Diem Med/Surg positions at the Magnet hospital to get myself familiarized with the organization, and then apply for Management once I have my BSN?

Should I apply for Management at the Magnet hospital in a non-bedside nursing dept while finishing my BSN? (I have no classes or job from May-Sept).

Thanks in advance!

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