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  1. EmeraldStar

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    ADN: 27 yo in 2013 RN-MSN: Goal is to earn this degree by end of 2016
  2. EmeraldStar

    San Diego City College ADN 2014

    Congrats on your acceptance dukesmama! City College has a great program and boasts a very high NCLEX pass rate.
  3. EmeraldStar

    Scripps New Grad - What unit?

    I don't think there's a way to find out beforehand which managers will be at the interviews. However, based on the units that hired new grads for the Summer cohort, your best bet would be to network with those in Med/Surg and DOU/Tele areas as they seemed to have the most positions.
  4. EmeraldStar

    How many scrubs do you own?

    I was working per diem so I got by with only 2 sets for the first 3 months of working. I have purchased 4 more sets and 2 coordinating tops since I will be working full-time soon, which brings my total to 6 sets (or 8 outfits). I would probably own more if sizing wasn't so limited for me.
  5. EmeraldStar

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    New grad ADN working in a hospital in SoCal for $35/hr.
  6. EmeraldStar

    Want to schedule but NO AVAILABLE DATES?

    How often have you checked Pearson Vue for test dates? New dates can become available daily as people reschedule their exams so don't lose hope.
  7. EmeraldStar

    What brand of scrubs do you prefer?

    I prefer the sizing and softness of Grey's Anatomy. I really wish they offered a wider range of prints. I had my heart set on buying cute prints for nursing but unfortunately, the only tops that fit me are solids.
  8. EmeraldStar

    CNA jobs San Diego

    If you don't need to work immediately, then I suggest petitioning to take the CNA certification exam after you finish the first semester of nursing school. Some hospitals may be willing to consider nursing students for their CNA/PCT positions, even for per diem. A former classmate and I were both working per diem at hospitals while in school, and we are blessed to be hired as RNs now for our respective hospitals. Also, continue to volunteer at the hospital because it will not only help you establish connections, but will also demonstrate your commitment to the hospital/organization to any possible hiring managers. Good luck with your decision!
  9. EmeraldStar

    Scripps new grad program summer 2013

    My panel consisted of Mercy SD, CV and Encinitas, and I received an offer from CV DOU and Encinitas M/S. I'm leaning toward Encinitas because I prefer M/S over DOU.
  10. EmeraldStar

    Scripps new grad program summer 2013

    Congrats SoCalRN and kamsmom for getting offers to the DEU! I just got a call with 2 offers for the New Grad Residency program, so the notification process has begun!!
  11. EmeraldStar

    Scripps new grad program summer 2013

    It states the number of openings in the job posting.
  12. EmeraldStar

    Scripps new grad program summer 2013

    If you've applied to Scripps and completed the TalentMine assessment within the last 12 months, your results should be submitted once you log in. This was the case for me last week. The simulation questions didn't appear for me, and when I contacted HR about this, I was informed that my application was complete and it wasn't necessary for me to do the scenario questions.
  13. EmeraldStar

    Grossmont ADN application

    see my responses in purple :)
  14. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this thread! This week at Staples, many of the items listed throughout this thread are $0.25 - $2! They include: mini stapler, 2 pocket folders, 4 pack Sharpie, 3 ring hole puncher, and mini notebooks.
  15. EmeraldStar

    What color is your uniform?

    Our scrubs are teal with a school logo patch affixed to the sleeve. It's not too bad IMO. I've tried on the top and it fits just right; I don't know about the pants yet.
  16. EmeraldStar

    I want to become a RN in san diego

    You're welcome! ETA: Strange that I saw your message before posting this but yet it is posted before your message.