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  1. AMN74

    The Stranger Within: It Does Get Better

    Thank you for the assurance that I am not the only nurse in the world working hard to stay "sane" and be a nurse to help others. It's a difficult balance when you have BPD... the gift that keeps on giving. I have learned it's like managing any other disease. You have to constantly monitor symptoms, take meds, see your doctor, take care of yourself and monitor your actions. Not every day is a good day, and not every attempt is successful. But there is hope that when you are down, you can get yourself up by the boot straps and go again. Letting other nurses with BPD know they are not alone and we all struggle is a powerful thing. Thank you!
  2. AMN74

    If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    Awesome!! I think I'll have a cookie :)
  3. AMN74

    My dad was a 'throw-away'

    I hope that your father makes a full recovery without complications and can continue his "old life" and go on his merry way. When a doctor once told our family that my grandmother would not live at the age of 88 and we should just stop all treatment and let her die, I asked him who made him God. She still had brain function. Yes, she did recover...it was HELL for her to learn to walk again and she was angry that she had to use a walker for safety everywhere that she went. Eventually she wanted to return to her own home and live by herself. We made an agreement that if she would get lifeline and promise to be safe she could finally go home. She lived 11 years and died 4 months shy of her 100th birthday. The week before she died, I went to visit her and she said something that alerted me. She said, "You know, I've lived a long time and I'm getting tired. I think I'd like to go home now" She said that on a Saturday and the following Friday she had an AMI and died before the paramedics could get her to the hospital. I think she did it her way and on her terms. You are right, not for anyone else to decide. If it's meant to be it will happen, and all judgement should be left up to God....Sorry for your experience with calloused and uncaring health care providers, but ultimately he is surviving because he is supposed to survive and for that you can celebrate!