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Im new to this site and have been looking around. I was pretty shocked to read so many nurses saying they would never with a capital N, marry a DR? Are you kidding me? I would love nothing more to fall in love with and marry an... Read More

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    Quote from HappyBunnyNurse
    Well, of course I would. That's the only reason I went to nursing school.
    Love the graphic! Looks like me at work recently! LOL
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    I always wanted to persue a career in gold-digging.. especially in a doctor's school loan debt. w00t! If it was a physician assistant, will it be less lucrative?

    HA.... j/k.

    Its the qualities in a person that is important.. not so much the career or hobbies you share. The MD could be the best doctor, but worst husband.. and vice versa.. In any case... if you don't sign a pre-nup... which most of the time you will especially if you make considerably less (because anyone in the right mind who gets married and feels that their assests are of value to them and don't want it stripped). Well again I am somewhat joking... Except the qualities part.
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    Quote from fleurafor
    Here's a little reality for all you haters: You are naive as he** if you think that the ONLY reason and thing that is important in choosing a mate is LOVE. Its not the end all be all. People get married for all kinds of reasons and the ones like me who choose based on requirements in addition to love have successful, happy marriages too and I would even go as far as saying, even have BETTER chances of staying married bc I hate to tell you, Love 10 years later, is not the same love as when you first got married. Youre in a dream world if you think it is. So for the ones who found other things in their mate attractive, they stand a better chance of staying together when the 'love' starts to fade. Now Im sure theyll be some poster who says ' i love my husband more or as much today as when we married.etc..-youre the exception, not the norm. There isnt a 60% divorce rate bc youre the norm. In any event, If a woman who prefers her husband take care of the finances so she can focus on the kids and the home is a gold-digger than wow, more than half of American woman are gold-diggers!, seeing as that many are stay at home Moms and the ones who arent are the saints who posted here. LOL
    whatever you need to tell yourself, it's all good....
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    Personally....I wouldn't cause I would like to have my man all to myself without all the pagers and emergency calls late at night and the on-call during holiday.
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    Quote from Katie5
    In this industry, the only turds I have met are females- does it mean that I don't have a high opinion of females?No.

    It simply means,that they outweigh the male species in "turdism". This is not being PC but twist that- truthfulness matters more.



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    Quote from OCNRN63
    You may not be young in years, but yes, you are both young and naive.
    I can only imagine you made your posting to stir us up. You're a nursing student, is that right? Once you have being working as a Registered Nurse and experience first hadn the disregard and disrespect Doctors have for, and treat Nurses with, you will understand why many, if not all, Nurses are so opposed to the idea of marrying a Doctor. As well as the fact that, as you will come to realise in your real practice, Doctors don't become Doctors because they want to care for or help people. Most do it for the status, prestige and money, and because they believe it makes them a superior person.

    And let me give you a tip, Doctors may chase Nurses skirts, but you'll be lucky if they marry you. That would be far to degrading for them. They'd rather marry another Doctor or Pharmacist. I've seen many a young nurse be swept of their feet by the recently divorced Consultant, or the new Resident, and then the crying when they move on. Or the sad older nurses who make them selves up everyday, but have never landed "their Doctor".

    But good on you for having a bizarre and fantastical view of Doctors, and your future working relations with them.
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    I dated doctors but married an ironworker... I never could resist a man in a tool belt.
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    YUCK, I'm not that desperate!
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    No. Docs are flirts, majority of them. Quite a few get divorced and marry nurses. A lot of temptation there. Good luck to those who want to marry a Doc. Hopefully you could have a long lived marriage.
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    Most docs are only interested in nurses that are "hotties", if you meet them on the job. I have seen several who had affairs, but never left their wife. The hours are long for doctors, the debt for school is staggering. I guess you could meet a doctor in a neutral setting, both of you get to know each other well, and end up marrying. IF it is meant to be, it will happen. I enjoy talking with doctors, and meeting them in other social settings, but I would not give up my guy for any one of them. The intellectual stimulation can be found in other fields of work. I am more fluent in engineering subjects due to my husband, and he is better at medical stuff. I think I would be building dams and bridges in another life. Please do not throw yourself at a doctor. Learn to love the person first.

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