Working with a racist

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    What to do when working with a racist? I have told this woman I do not wish to hear her inappropriate comments anymore , yet she persists. She has said some very horrible things and when I brought this to the attention of the DON , she waved me away saying " she's one of our best nurses . What other steps could I take while maintaing my professionalism to stop this behavior?

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    Contact HR. It would be unprofessional not to do so.
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    Definitely go to your HR people and let them know what's going on, she can't be that good if she is using racial slurs or making inappro :stone priate comments.
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    document what is said and when...esp if you suspect that this attitude might carry over to the care that is given to patients..and document that this has been reported to superiors...
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    Repeated racist comments? That's called harrassment.
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    Quote from lovingtheunloved
    Repeated racist comments? That's called harrassment.
    Actually, I think it's probably only harassment if the racist remarks are directed at your ethnic group, or at minorities in general if you are in a minority. If you are offended by remarks disparaging a group other than one you are part of, you could still call that a hostile work environment. Either way, it's inappropriate, and you don't have to tolerate it.
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    The key word is "document"...all interactions.
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    DON ignored you? Go to the administrator or HR.
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    I have contacted the administrator . I truly hope something will be done , because yes I do suspect this carries over to patient care .

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