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I met my new preceptor today and she didn't make the slightest effort to hide her contempt for me. As soon as she strolled in to take report (late) she rolled her eyes at me and refused to... Read More

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    People are unreal. Isn't it sad that you have to be extra nice just because someone is being rude to you? What has this world turned into....
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    Quote from KareBear0609
    People are unreal. Isn't it sad that you have to be extra nice just because someone is being rude to you? What has this world turned into....
    Oh, I don't think the world has changed much, just our methods in dealing with the rude people. In the not so distant past, people in my native Montana shot those that offended them without too much trouble from the law (as long as they could adequately justify themselves). That would make a person person mind their manners, and gave the added bonus of weeding out the really annoying ones. Ahhhh......the good 'ol days. Gee, I hope my sarcasm is dripping enough.
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    Quote from Lovely_RN
    Thanks for all the support fellow and future nurses. I really needed it last night. I kept a stiff upper lip at work and I thought I shook it off but after I read what I wrote I got a little teary-eyed because, my feelings were hurt. Today was a better day though...she still showed up (late) with a funky attitude, didn't say good morning, and wouldn't acknowledge me until report was done....after she had a few sips of her coffee. As the day progressed she warmed up a bit and even gave me a compliment in between her instructions/critiquing. At the end of the day she pulled me to the side and told me to not mind how she acts in the morning and even gave me some good feedback. I still don't think it's appropriate to act that way at work regardless of whether you're a morning person or whatever your issue is but I'll take it. As long as I know it's not me then I can cope. Maybe it really is like carolmaccas66 wrote...she's probably just nasty to everyone.
    You answered your own question. TELL HER you don't think it's appropriate to act as she is, regardless of time of day, whether or not she's had coffee, ect. If you confront her, I can almost guarantee 99.99% of the time, people WILL back down. She may bluster and bluff her way out of it, but don't get too pally with her, hey. Just be polite and also say thanks for the positive feedback. You sound a bit scared of her, but you know what? She is just a person like you - and I would personally be saying INTO HER FACE Good morning Miss/Mrs (name) and she will HAVE to respond to you - and say it with a big smile too! Some people are grumpy all the time, but if you act positive and cheery (as much as you can be at this time), you will get to her and she will change, cos she'll realise she can't put you down! A stiff upper lip isn't going to help you any unless you confront her re her behaviour. And let's face it: she can't SACK you or anything like that, she can't put you in jail! Remember: she is a PERSON LIKE YOU, and we all deserve respect. And if you stand up for urself, she will admire you more.
    Sorry you are going thru this, think it's happened to all us nurses on here at one time or another!
    Email me if you need support
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    Quote from eriksoln
    Some people can't be assertive hence they resent everyone who can.
    This is one of my favorite statements from you. Very simple, yet very insightful. Nice job, Erik!

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