Why is it okay for Doctors to yell at Nurses? - page 8

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I'm currently in Nursing School to get my RN license and I noticed something that is bothering me. Maybe I'm still naive, I just find it baffling to hear how it's almost seen as a given that doctors at times will be disrespectful... Read More

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    I don’t think it’s every acceptable for a professional doctor to yell at another, particularly nurses. It’s nice to read posts in here that such behaviour is being dealt with! So far I haven’t experience doctors yelling at me, maybe a clinical instructor back in nursing school =)
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    If a doctor who usually isn't a yeller loses his cool with me, I'll usually just ignore it and deal with whatever he needs, however if it's someone who blows up regularly, I won't. I look him right in the eye and say, "When you've calmed down enough that you can be polite enough to treat me like a human being, then we'll talk about your patient orders." I walk away. I'm not rude, just firm. I've actually had MDs apologize to me!

    One repeat offender was so obnoxious and a repeat offender, and I finally reported him through channels.
    After that, he was never sweetness and light, but at least he quit swearing at me.