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I'm currently in Nursing School to get my RN license and I noticed something that is bothering me. Maybe I'm still naive, I just find it baffling to hear how it's almost seen as a given that doctors at times will be disrespectful... Read More

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    I have been an RN for a long time now, and I do remember when doctors would throw charts and raise their voices at the staff. I have worked with some who made it their goal in life to see just how demeaning they could be to the nurses, and would go out of their way to prove them stupid. I don't see that as much now, but I do see doctors lose their temper sometimes. I know one in particular who will go to your manager or DON to complain about you, regardless whether it is your fault or not. Some hospitals I have worked at will put up with this behavoir and protect the doctor; some don't. Just depends on the culture of the hospital, and how badly they need the doctor.

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    20+ years ago when I started, I knew several yellers and chart throwers. Literally tossing charts at you!

    Haven't seen that in MANY MANY years. Docs are people too and you can certainly get a doc who is snarky all the time, but generally it's just when they are annoyed about something - either you, the patient, something at home, whatever. Just like another nurse or a family member can be. Even the snarkiest docs I know now have never yelled at anyone within my hearing, and certainly there's no more chart throwing.
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    I've been reprimanded by a very very angry doc for something I did wrong, but not yelled at yet. Havent seen it either.
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    Quote from JZ_RN

    I said, I'm a nurse, not a printer repairman. I don't know what the problem is, sorry. Then walked away.
    Love this answer.
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    Been a nurse for almost 20 years and many times I have seen a lot of this" Holier than thou" attitude from physicians. They used to walk around with their white lab coat and then we the ever helpful nurses follow around scurrying behind them like their handmaids.It does not help that in school the emphasis was not on partnership,collaboration and respect then. There are nasty ones and the ones who are vocal and condescending. I have respect for physicians as a member of the team but I will not tolerate such unprofessional behavior towards me or my staff. Nurses do not work "For" them, we work with them in ensuring a quality and safe care is delivered to the patient.
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    Quote from JZ_RN
    I said, I'm a nurse, not a printer repairman. I don't know what the problem is, sorry. Then walked away.
    *** Perfect. Good for you!
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    Another point is that not only do we nurses have a role in not tolerating poor behavior but we also have a role in rewarding good behavior.

    I go out of my way to thank docs who make my life easier by communicating with me or who respond to my requests. I try to help them out by anticipating their needs and attending to the little stuff like raising the bed up when the doc's in an awkward position or focusing the light for them or just asking if they need anything or fetching things for them even when it's not my patient or responsibility.

    Most of them seem to respond and to appreciate my efforts to help them...

    It's kind of a pay-it-forward thing.
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    Wow, thank you everyone for taking the time to respond to this thread!!! Reading all the different posts has helped to ease my concern about getting yelled at all the time once I start working as an RN. I'm glad that many of you cleared up my misconception about the expression "being yelled at", and that it is not the same as "being screamed at". In my mind I was imagining doctors throwing tamper tantrums left and right and literally screaming at the nurses. I'm glad to read that most hospitals out there wouldn't tolerate this kind of behavior in this day and age. And I'm relieved to hear that chart-throwing is now a thing of the past (still can't believe anyone calling themselves a professional doctor would EVER act like that!)
    Again, thank you all for sharing your experiences and insights with me!
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    I wonder if they are saying these things to instill fear in you, that if you don't do something correctly, or in a timely manner, you're going to have an angry doctor come after you yelling. I've never had someone yell at me at work. If they were yelling I would probably do the same as you and tell them I don't find their tone acceptable or respectful.
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    Well I have had a doctor and team of interns very irritated with me because I was falling behind on their numerous orders for the fresh admission with zero help from other staff! I think if a patient is on a medsurg floor then they need to order as accordingly. They want ICU care on a MedSurg/tele budget .....it's ridiculous, and then they have nerve to get frustrated or "yell" (speak with attitude) towards you because you aren't moving quick enough!!! I think all MD's should be required to work the floor... really see it for what it is really like! Yeah, I only have one crazy lady, two Blood transfusions, and one critical pt who is in Extreme SVT .....yeah sorry I'm not giving your pt...1:1 care...kiss my ass! The problem
    Is MD's wouldn't know because they don't do it...making up and writing orders are easy and half the time were the ones who call them when they write the damn order wrong!!! Please if your going to be ass know your damn Digoxin! Really

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