Why do you think so many healthcare workers are mean and arrogant? - page 11

Not all of course, but many physicians, nurses, and other health care workers have mean and arrogant personalities. Why do you think this is? Is it that.... 1. You have to be very competitive to get into medical or... Read More

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    I don't agree. My question would be is there less respect for others in general? Yes would be my answer. Another question would be is there less self respect ? Again my answer would be yes.

    In previous generations, people may have thought arrogantly, but perhaps held back saying what was on their minds.

    I've been cursed at by surgeons, and thanked profusely by surgeons. I've had instruments thrown at me, and nasty gloves snapped at me and not the kick bucket. I've also watched a surgeon lift his elderly neighbor and carry him in his arms to the ER.

    It's PEOPLE who have the potential for arrogance and who make the willful choice to stain their reputation, and stain the hearts of others with their choices. And if that's what you call being defensive, you are wrong. That's what's called being polite.
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    People who behave like this will eventially have to answer for it. Then, and only then, will they learn to change their attitudes.
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    Less self respect for others? Yup it seems that people now respect less and less others. Why? My beliveness is related about them education from family, social and cultural peers, interactions on the life path and background. They are like that because they was growup like that!

    Less self respect for self, here is another discussion, people loose their old values or interchange them with others, good or bad who knows, looool, but for sure, without some very well conturated values in your life you are only a leaf in the wind!
    I don't point now the ethical norms of values, dosen't matter now, if they are good or bad, but you need to have ones and to strong adhere on them. So then, you know who you are, your identity, where you belong and what are your expectancies and you know how to respect your self in the light of your own values.

    No values, not self respect.
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    Quote from ruby vee
    i think a better question would be "why is it that you believe so many healthcare workers are mean and arrogant?" possibly because we elicit the responses we get. so if you're thinking that so many healthcare workers are mean and arrogant, it says more about you than about the healthcare workers you're encountering!
    denial is a river in eqypt. it's ridiculous to imply that all arrogant behavior was provoked.
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    Quote from mikethern
    Denial is a river in Eqypt. It's ridiculous to imply that all arrogant behavior was provoked.
    well said:innerconf
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    The Nile is in Egypt. Denial is in the person. I for one never intended to say arrogant behavior was provoked. Arrogance begins and ends with the arrogant. It says a lot about who is saying what.
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