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1.) "I am very health conscious, and a bit of a germaphobe" + for cocaine. 2.) " I can't breathe, the nebs don't help, I'm allergic to steroids, because they made me swell" Me: do you feel... Read More

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    Quote from CT Pixie

    You realize there are eggs in pancakes too right? Well, the recipes I have used do anyways.
    I do realize that there are eggs in pancake batter. But there are pancake mixes that don't require you to add an egg, just water (whether or not the egg is already in the premade mix I have no idea, I hate pancakes. Don't eat them, don't make them). I'm guessing that the hospital food service isn't whipping together a from scratch pancake batter.

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    I agree, they probably don't. But I think even the powdered, just-add-water mixes probably have some kind of egg protein in there for binding purposes. Anyhoo, kind of off topic lol.
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    Make sure no one steals my underwear. (The dirty pair she had on at admission.

    I am not hard up enough to steal dirty drawers. Promise panties would be a better option.
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    Quote from paradiseboundRN
    I leaned over an elderly female patient that was NOT confused and she said, "Wow, you have really nice breasts!"
    Lol one of the reasons why I always wear a t-shirt under my scrub top.

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    Quote from DoeRN

    Lol one of the reasons why I always wear a t-shirt under my scrub top.

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    I always wear a tank top under mine in case I get so much bodily fluids on me it needs to be cut off!!
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    We used to have a resident in the LTC I work at that would constantly put on her call light to c/o not being able to find her call light.
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    I once had a patient ring every fifteen minutes or so to have the door closed -- and the only reason it was open was because I had to open it to go into the room to answer the call bell.
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    Do you use any substances not prescribed by your doctor? No
    Your drug screen is positive for marijuana and meth/amphetamines. "My roommate smokes pot all the time, so that's why it showed up. I don't know what meth even is, it must be something that is positive when you take these meds I'm on" (med list contained opiates)

    Ummm okee dokie.
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    Old female black Pt
    (soft voice) What time is it? Where am I? (Turns head and looks me dead in the eye loud voice) AND WHO THE DICKENS ARE YOU!?

    Me: Im dickens!
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    Quote from akanini
    I was bathing an 89yr old patient once and was cleaning his private/groin area. He said, "They don't work anymore!" I said, "Really?" He said, "Yeah they are too old!"
    I'd actually prob laugh if a pt said that.

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