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Just a bit ago the top three threads involved: 1.I have a DWI. Can I be a nurse? 2.I am stupid. Can I be a nurse? 3.If it takes me five times to pass NCLEX, Can I be nurse. Not much left to... Read More

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    Quote from Pepper The Cat
    As I was putting on a spritz of perfume last night before meeting some neighbours for Earth Hour (and drinks) I realized we haven't had a "how do I stay sexy when I can't wear my perfume" post in a while.
    I probably should not have thought of that, because now we will see a post about how MEAN the hospitals are to not let our Little Special Snowflakes wear perfume, scented products, etc while working in the hospital.
    I always like the "How do I keep the sexy..." threads. And then nurses wonder why they get so little respect.
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Hey, I was so awed by you repines I used your avatar for a message board I just joined!
    Now YOU TOO can be... a harpy!!!!
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Now YOU TOO can be... a harpy!!!!
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    A few years ago I worked with one the the Snowflakes who felt that she should not have to drive to work during the bad weather. I drove a lot farther than her. She just wouldnt show up in bad weather. Needless to say she didn't last long on the job.
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    Helicopter parents. <eye roll> Are they going to be by her side when she's working and there's a code?
    My mommy flies halfway across country everytime someone at work is mean to me. That's the only reason people don't BULLY me. My mommy taught me all about lateral violence and won't let anyone laterally violent me!!
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    Quote from Sue Damonas
    A few years ago I worked with one the the Snowflakes who felt that she should not have to drive to work during the bad weather. I drove a lot farther than her. She just wouldnt show up in bad weather. Needless to say she didn't last long on the job.
    Ergh, I drive further than EVERYONE ELSE at my job. And I can't tell you how many times I've shown up and others weren't able to. Usually blaming living at the top of steep driveway. Parking on the street overnight never seems to occur to them...
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    I didn't bother to read the plethora of responses, especially seeing as the last few are completely off the original topic, but I wanted to respond to the original post.

    First of all, having gotten a DUI does not necessarily say anything about one's capability to be a great nurse. It may or may not imply that you have a problem outside your job that needs to be addressed before it interferes with your job, but it should not immediately disqualify you from being considered for the position. I have personally known nurses that have gotten DUI's but it has not affected their position at all. Some of them are great nurses that just made some dumb choices outside of their job, but they still come to work as prepared as any other nurse, if not more so, to give great patient care and they do their job outstandingly. Others are people with legitimate drinking problems that need outside help to deal with it, but there are programs designed to do that without sacrificing the career these individuals may actually be very good at. While it should be a red flag that needs to be looked into a little bit further, if you think a DUI makes you an irresponsible, unqualified nurse you are simply mistaken. What about all the many nurses in the feeling struggling with other psych issues? should they be automatically categorized as unqualified nurses also even though socially their problems are not viewed as negatively as drinking problems?

    As for someone who says "I'm stupid, can I be a nurse?", it sounds kind of mocking and sarcastic to me and I probably wouldn't even take the question seriously and reply.

    And for people who have to retake the NCLEX repeatedly, I think there should just be a point (after 2 or 3 fails) that you are required to take the nursing coures, because you are clearly not grasping something.
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    ahem. . .let me just neatly step over that serious post ....

    Quote from wooh
    We have a frequent flyer that always brings cockroaches with them. ALWAYS. And the family pitches a fit when we try to do any cleaning in the room at all. Because it interferes with their hoarding of all the silverware, linens, and everything else that isn't bolted down. I swear they'd take the bed out with them if they could hide it under a jacket.
    I can handle fleas, visible fomites, scabies, and lice. I wouldn't even mind if a gerbil jumped out of a guy's jacket but cockroaches ohhhh no no no no no Thank God for my coworkers. We had rotating phobias, as luck would have it. We were able to pinch hit to a certain extent.

    Annnnd. . If we're going to use the word harpy (a great word btw) can we also use the word trollop? If we're going to fire up another "how do I keep my sexy on" thread I don't see how we can avoid it, really.
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    Mr. Murse!
    You're bringing me down!
    Seriousness is not allowed!
    I just spilt my beer all down shirt.
    "Nobody knows, the trubble I seen..."
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    Mr. Murse: at the risk of repeating myself:
    mock-er-y (mk-r)
    1. scornfully contemtuous ridicule, derision
    2. a spcific act of ridicule or derision
    3. an object of scorn or ridicule
    4. a false, derisive or impudent imitation
    5. something ludicrously futile or unsuitable

    Quote from OCNRN63
    Serious posts are expressly forbidden on this thread.

    back on topic: (if there is one, there are many )

    trollop backwards is pollort, which is almost poltroon. I want a thread on fantasy fomited poltroons!
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