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I was at my workplace earlier this month when my supervisor told me about a volatile situation that was unfolding on a different floor between another nurse and a verbally abusive family member. This particular family member was... Read More

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    Crunch and PMFB, that is why I said I didn't want to use such a wide brush to paint ALL VA HOSPITALS, because I knew they all couldn't be bad. It is just a shame that some are, have been and continue to be. AND, the one I am referring to received/receives a large number of returning service members from Iraq and Afghanistan into the POLY TRAUMA UNIT. It was bad enough that one Warrior requested his Congressman have him moved back to Walter Reed and it happened quite quickly, but the press still got wind of it. The only thing I can use to “justify” the haphazard way this place is run, is the sheer size of it, and that in and of itself is no justification. This hospital was cited for Cockroaches in the O. R., now, how’s that for sterile? Granted, this is Florida, and Cockroaches are everywhere due to the tropical locale, but not in the O.R. A couple of the post referred to security and using them for back up. Well at the VA, since it is a Federal Institution, they have their own armed Police force, and that isn’t always a good thing. Here, the “Chief” had his own little fiefdom, and it was quit interesting for a bit, at least until one of the officers pulled a gun on one of the vets over a parking space. Just a bizarre little microcosm here. One might think the resulting investigation would clear things up and get them back on the straight and narrow right? Only in the case of the Police Department, the remainder of the Hospital remained unscathed. Even after the newspaper reports about the roaches in the O.R. They were given a few months to clean up the O. R’s and that was that. Nothing about the underlying problems with management and Administration. The staff routinely is gone by 1600 hrs. Even though they are required to be there until 1700 hrs. On Fridays, they are gone by 1500 hrs. It’s like a mass exodus. They take turns on alternating weekends, and management knows it and they are out the door just like the rest of them. This place needs one great big housecleaning, but if they did that, they wouldn’t have anyone to staff the place. It’s a tragedy, because the vets are stuck in the middle.

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    Sacred eagle People disrespect nurses for manyreasons. From the early 70's toabout the 90's in my opinionmany nurses were evil and dida lot of nasty and disrespectfulthings to patients. Today's nursesare paying for the bad deeds theolder nurses committed.
    But you mentioned that the nurses deserved they disrespectful treatment for their behavior in the 70's to the 90's. The things that have been described are a systems issue not a nursing issue. What have we nurses done that we are deserving payback.
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