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Would someone who is already working as an RN please explain to me why some nurses are sooooo hateful and rude to student RNs? Please don't get me wrong--I realize that everyone is busy and I understand that. But, is it too... Read More

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    Some people are not good mentors whether it is they do not view it as important or are not mature enough to do the task. Some just do not have good people skills and for some they just are busy.......


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    The nurses at the hospital were I did my clinicals were so mean that a couple of them would set the students up to fail. One even went so far as to make up lies about 2 of my classmates so she wouldn't have to take students.

    Everyone finally got fed up and we took it to the head nursing instructor. She in turn went to the NM at the hospital, memos were sent out, things got a little better but not for long.

    When a couple of the nurses from the hospital came to our class to "recruit" us, they asked how many of us wanted to work at the hospital. NOT ONE PERSON RAISED THEIR HAND. We told them the same thing we told our instructor. They went back and talked to the NM again. Things changed in a hurry when everyone realized the new grads weren't going to work there and no one was going to get relief from overtime.

    We voted for our 3 favorite nurses and at graduation we presented them each with a little gift to say thanks for being nice. Hopefully the nice ones rubbed it in the mean nurses' faces! Ha!
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    i know it can be hard to be mistreated or even worse, ignored by the nurse you are paired with, but sometimes a look from the other side is all it takes to put things in perspective. i only graduated 2 years ago and i love having students assigned to me, however i remember looking at a unit schedule where i did my consolidation. at that time there were 2 of us completing our consolidation, so we were on the floor full time (75 hours bi-weekly) asking questions and needing help, every tuesday and wednesday there was a group of 10 2nd year students and thursdays and fridays there was a different group of 10 2nd year nursing students (from 7-3) talk about student overload! this wasn't anything out of the ordinary, new groups of students rotated through every 7 weeks year round. anyway, there's no making excuses for rude or unproffessional behaviour, if a nurse doesn't want to mentor students, he/she should stay away from teaching hospitals.
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    As has been said many times here, find your good folks and stick to 'em. Locate a mentor and utilize them. Folks that expect nurse coworkers to be junior Mother Teresa's all the time will be sorely disappointed. Life ain't like that and neither are nurses.

    I remember how it felt to be new but we all gotta get with the program and avoid feeling sorry for ourselves or it may become a lifelong habit. If you allow the turkeys to get you down, they generally will do just that.

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