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I have been thinking about this lately...and I am being serious when I ask this; but, with all the advancements in knowing about risk factors for various diseases (especially STIs), what does sexual... Read More

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    Do only gays needs screened for rectal cancer? I miss your point. I'll say that 'nobody' I knows uses condoms, gay or straight, for any reason other than to avoid pregnancy. Even then, it seems abortion is not a troublesome option? Everyone has become complacent about 'VD'. That tells me the stereotypes about gays is alive and well. If you want to find out- check out the Westboro Baptist Church (youtube- 'the most hated family in america'). Point of the OP is valid, and factual. But I agree also that's it hard to get past ingrained stereotypes. But tell that to the thousands of teenagers every day that are contracting everything under the sun, because only 'gays get those diseases'...
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    This is a link to an archived webinar that explains some of the unique health needs of GLBTQ patients: Primary System - Cultural Competence Webinar Series - Part 1

    It's actually part of a series; part 2 is also available.
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    Wouldn't it make sense to ask so that it's clear that no one is making any assumptions?

    If I'm a primary health care provider and I'm talking with my patient about sexual health and/or reproduction, we're probably also talking about their partner(s). I mean, unless said patient is totally sexually abstinent and intends to be forever. How can I discuss my patient's partner(s) without also knowing something about their sexual orientation?

    Maybe it doesn't necessarily need to be a question in and of itself, but I think it's a bit silly to pretend that my primary health care provider can never know the gender of the person I'm in a relationship with.
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    Were men asked if they were homosexual before HIV came on the scene..?
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    Quote from SuzieVN
    Do only gays needs screened for rectal cancer?

    They're at a higher risk due to HPV which can be transmitted even with condom use.

    I'm aware of the Westboro Baptist Church, as well as other forms and styles of homophobia in the world. I'm also agog that you consider a holistic approach that considers a person's lifestyle and how their activities affect their health to be somehow related to homophobia and discrimination. Sexuality matters to a person's health.
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    Unsafe sex is what matters, and everybody and their duck is doing it...The STD numbers don't lie. I brought up WBC just tongue in cheek- they're so insane, you have to laugh. Don't nurses NEED a good laught?
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    But I agree with your point, totally, about HPV. Syphillis, also. But in my world, people all think that HIV is the only beast to be aware of, everything else just needs...a pill? Welcome to Wallyworld!
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    Quote from wish_me_luck
    Grn, I mean mainly as it relates to your sex (biological), not gender--you wouldn't be discussing prostate issues with women, or cervical cancer or pregnancy with men. Birth issues are different. I mean, like when they ask if you sleep with men, women, or both. Why does it matter who I (or anyone else) sleep with? I don't see any good coming from it, just discrimination on the part of the healthcare provider (people are biased/have their own opinions on the issue whether they admit it or not and most times, their opinions dictate their actions).
    It might.....if a man is on the "downlow" in a hetero relationship they may be engaging in unsafe practices that place them and their partners at a higher risk and the same goes for females with multiple partners engaging in high risk behaviors. I don't think the question indicates that sexual orientation precipitates disease.....but it opens the door to sexual behavior discussions that do lead to an increased incidence of STD's

    The question do you sleep with men women or both might be indicative of a behavior of unprotected sex with multiple partners....that precipitates disease.
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    Quote from wish_me_luck
    Boston, how does it affect your job and screenings/assessments? I mean, if I went to you, and you asked me that question and I answered I sleep with women or both, what are you going to do assessment/screening/educational wise that is different than if I answered men? Either way, you would still do a pap smear, STI screenings (yes, HIV can still be passed female to female; although, the risk is much lower than female/male or male/male sex), and other routine assessments.

    However, if you think being homosexual or bisexual is wrong (I am not accusing, just explaining), you might be apt to treat me differently (in a discriminatory way) than a patient who is heterosexual.
    Age, gender, race/ethnicity, psychosocial factors, and even sexual orientation are important factors in caring for individuals, not because of racism or ageism ornate like, but because they have a profound effect on the differential.

    Lets, for a minute, consider age, race, gender, and sexual preference.

    Read this:

    Then consider nursing's role in primary prevention. Can you identify a high risk group for intervention? Does age, gender, race, or sexual preference play a role in identifying that group?
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    Quote from SuzieVN

    In the 1990's maybe, it would have been relevant to ask a man if he had sex with men. Since, like it says, STDs are all over the place and no longer confined to gays, straights, etc.- I don't see the point in questioning sexuality- other than maybe, 'do you have sex outside of your relationship, and if yes- are you taking precautions to protect that person from your indiscretions', and use it as a teaching opportunity. In fact, I find it rather ...lewd. All it can do is label him/her, with no benefit. But with a lot of potential harm.
    See above.

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