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I was working, and a group of suited up men pulled me from the floor and asked me questions about a patient's care. Afterwards, my charge nurse said that more than likely there is a law suit in the... Read More

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    Notify your malpractice insurance carrier of this potential suit.

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    I've seen similar scenarios,I'm not doubting the veracity of the OP.
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    at the very least you should tell them that you need permission from your Risk Manager before talking to anyone. Hope this does not come back to bite you
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    They were the hospitals legal team. They gave me their card, my manager was present

    I have left out details...
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    ps: One of them was a risk manager.
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    Oh, the difference some details make! Yeesh! Here we were freaking out over something that....well, wasn't quite what we thought.

    Anyway....at this point, I think you'd be wise to not speak about it online, and perhaps ask that this thread be dumped. Just my two cents
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    thanks for the update!
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    do you remember seeing really bright lights after your conversation?
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    Good luck to you! I hope you don't have to testify. I had to testify once when I was a security receptionist in the dorms back in college, because I witnessed a fight. It was so stressful and something I hope to never have to do again!
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    Here come the Men in Black. (Men in Black)
    The galaxy defenders. (uh oh, uh oh)
    Here come the Men in Black. (Men in Black)
    They won't let you remember. (won't remember)
    (uh uh, uh uh)

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