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I was working, and a group of suited up men pulled me from the floor and asked me questions about a patient's care. Afterwards, my charge nurse said that more than likely there is a law suit in the works and that they had pulled... Read More

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    Quote from RNsRWe
    Oh, the difference some details make! Yeesh! Here we were freaking out over something that....well, wasn't quite what we thought.

    Anyway....at this point, I think you'd be wise to not speak about it online, and perhaps ask that this thread be dumped. Just my two cents

    Yes, what she said

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    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    HIPPA Who?
    Sorry, I can't tell you that.
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    <3 this thread LOL
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    As most of the other bloggers have stated, you are under no legal obligation to speak with anyone regarding patient care, unless you are directed to do so by the Hospital legal team, and even then you are wise to ask if you need to have your own counsel present. Usually the Hospitals attorney's are sufficient, unless you are being named as a specific defendant in a case, then it might behoove you to get seperate counsel. If the Hospital counsel tell you it's okay to speak with someone, I would ask them to accompany you to the meeting or refuse to go.
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    It's HIPAA not HIPPA. I think the OP needs to follow the advice of many posters and NOT discuss this on a public forum.

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