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I've been a registered nurse for two years now. Sometimes the nurses in my unit and I get together outside of work and chat. One day, the nurses were discussing about their patient encounters... Read More

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    Quote from wooh
    Wonder if the MD never ordered the treatment again, or the nurses never LET him order it again!
    I think it was a little bit of both!
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    This is just so unprofessional you guys.
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    Hold the phone. GrnTea, I'm a little unclear. Is it HIPAA or HIPPA again?
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    I don't care how "professional" you are, stuff like using nitro as an enema is *gonna* get talked about. HIPAA or no HIPAA. We see too many hilariously insane things as nurses.

    One midnight shift one of my cataclysmically demented little old ladies was missing. I found her in another resident's room straddling a wastebasket and pooping into it. The resident who lived in the room in question was hospice and his family were spending the night and they slept through the whole thing. You bet your bippy I've told that story to a number of friends. If telling funny patient stories (no names) is wrong, I don't want to be right....
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    I love to hear the stories! There are times I need a good laugh (like everyday I go to work!). Sometimes the stories are what gets me through those really bad nights! Sometimes, we are just venting, bonding, or truly needing a laugh. If you don't like it, get busy leaving.
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    If it bothers you, then don't read into it. Simple as that.

    There is no harm done (and it is not a HIPPA violation) if there are no names mentioned or other patient identifiers. Personally, I love hearing and sharing stories, it's a way of de-stressing.
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    Did we get ding-dong ditched?
    OP didn't come back.
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    IDK, guess you just have to be careful about when and where you do your anonomous story-telling. Mostly I think people are just kicking back, de-stressing. If people are careful, the only potential problem I see is that people can get too comfortable with this, and then they may start becoming desensitized to the humanity aspect of things. But come on, some situation are so, wild or bizarre, you wouldn't be normal if you didn't share about them. You just have to be careful with the how, when, where, and with whom. You also have to keep in mind that it could be you someone is poking at one day. Course I can laugh at my stupid stuff. What should I do? Hate myself for being human?
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Did we get ding-dong ditched?
    OP didn't come back.
    Yeah, I was thinking we shouldn't have have purchased the Costco-sized bag of troll chow this time.
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    Thank you for sharing views on this kind of practice.
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    I have a question!

    I'm just a student nurse. But there's a certain person that I know who is a RN. She and I are both part of our ethnic community; therefore, most everyone knows everyone by name, gossip spreads like wildfire, etc.

    The problem is...She likes telling stories about patients that are identifiable.

    The other night, she told my grandparents a story about Mr. So-and-So who had X amount of strokes, was having X treatment at Y Hospital, is about to die, his WHOLE life story (including how many kids he has, how long he's been in the hospital, etc.), his NAME, who his wife was... This is an arbitrary example of what she does.

    Call me a silly idealistic student, but isn't that WRONG? I can understand it when nurses tell stories of funny/weird situations. I know I have had to care for interesting people during my time as a CNA... Won't ever forget the times I got punched by residents!

    But it is NOT ok to be sharing information that is specific and identifiable. I knew exactly who the person was and how to find him. I just feel that the people in my ethnic community don't necessarily understand their rights under HIPAA.

    What do I do? If I keep my mouth shut, she's just going to keep telling the whole world about her patients.
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Did we get ding-dong ditched?
    OP didn't come back.
    <FLOUNCE>"Goodbye, cruel internet, you don't understand meeeeee!"
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