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I'm having a good learning experience so far in orientation, but I just have one question that's bugging the heck out of me. Why don't my preceptors know I'm coming? I've worked with 2 nurses so far that have had no idea... Read More

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    Yikes. That would be awkward. I did a 3 month orientation/preceptorship in ICU with the same nurse the whole time. We were on the same schedule. I just thought it was the same for everyone. Perhaps it should be? You could try speaking with the manager. I hope it gets better for you.

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    Where I work you only get afew days orientation and usually you just get a few days notice if you are orienting someone.Sometimes you find out that day. especially if there is a sick call and they need to pick someone else.It's not that big a deal. You aren't "teaching" someone.The assumption is that they know how to do their job, they just need orientating to the floor.
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    Thanks Ruby Vee. I thought I was the only one cringing.
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    Please remember that you are orienting. A person attends orientation. One does not orientate. Professionals know the difference.
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    I've had five preceptors in less than two months. My original preceptor had some medical issues and was going to be out for awhile, so they had to modify things a bit. I was with one for a few weeks, she is part time but came back full time for awhile to orient me. The person I was supposed to be with initially is back now, but they forgot and put me with three other nurses, who only knew I was going to be with them when they came in. It's kind of hard because my first preceptor and I had a good system going, she'd come in and say "ready to do my job for me today?!" because she was comfortable enough with me to know she could cut me loose and not watch me much. The others aren't familiar with me so it's harder. I actually had one ask me if I was allowed to give meds. Really?!

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