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You know when they beg you to come in sick making all kinds of promises. You can leave if it is too much, we won't give you a big assignment, the charge nurse will help you. Just for a few hours, or just until 11. Well you know... Read More

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    I learned very quickly never to agree to come in for a few hours. If it's bad enough that they're begging me to come in, it's bad enough that there's no way I'm leaving after 4 hours. It wrecks havoc on my body to do a full night shift if I haven't napped and eaten appropriately during the day to try and prep myself for it. They called me at like 6pm and asked if I could come in at 7. I told them no. They asked if i could come in till 11 or 12- "To get them over the hump." I agreed to. My coworkers made sure to tell me what a wimp I was to need a nap to stay up all night, while simultaneously begging me to stay. Finally things had slowed down enough for me to leave- at 5am. There was really no point in me leaving at that point until day shift came.
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    Where I'm from, unions do nothing at all to prevent this kind of thing from happening. All hospital nurses are forced to unionize, and mandates are very very frequent. But I understand they might be more effective here. Just thought I'd point out, unions are not always the answer...
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    Unionize is a nice theory, but I live in the South where even saying the word Union gets you fired faster than you can finish your sentence. And not for saying union of course, they find another reason.
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    We have allotted sick time. We can call in sick. "OK thanks. Goodbye." The end. If there were guilt trips though, I wouldn't be fazed by it. When you're sick, you're sick. Spreading germs at work is not helping anyone.
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    Quote from loriangel14
    Really? My work place is the opposite. If you are sick you are told to stay home.Usually you can't come back until you have been symptom free for 48 hours. They will send you home if you come to work sick.
    Treasure this experience, because it's definitely not the norm! I now work outside the hospital, and we are also encouraged to stay home when sick. My last hospital job? A call-in was treated like a betrayal and you were made to feel guilty. To the point that supervisors might call you at home for an in-depth review of your symptoms so they could try to change your mind. And I worked L&D, where no sick nurse should ever be!
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    My workplace doesn't encourage you to come in when you're sick, but our attendance policy is so ridiculous that if they wanted to, they could find a way to fire you for calling in if they needed you. I haven't ever picked up an extra shift since I flip back to days when I have a couple of nights off in a row. I'd say no.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    Amen to reconditioning the way one thinks! I will take this to heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do not go into work unless you can function normally. If you are ill you cannot do this no-one in their right mind wants to work with an ill coworker

    Only take an extra shift if you want to do it then do it with a good heart...need the money....want to help out...are bored or whatever. No one wants to work with someone who comes in to help and then resents it. If you take an extra shift and want the schedule changed on a future shift make the deal BEFORE you agree to come in if it is contingent on your desired change.

    DO NOT ever feel quilty if you do not want to work extra or if you cannot work ill,it is unfair to even ask you to do this. Ignore any quilt trip should not be the only resource or solution

    Learn how to say NO and be assertive and not aggreesive in your response. If you are not good with this then do not answer the phone at all.
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    I got talked into working once when I was feeling unwell, and there was no mercy for me. Not only did I get a ridiculous patient load, but I also got floated off my home unit and to a higher level of care (medsurg to tele). I will never do it again. I'm just too smart now! I even called in once when my cat was sick. And I was honest about it. The cat is fine now. Meow.
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