Night Shift vs. Day Shift Names

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    Ok this is not night shift vs. day shift, kinda

    I just wanna know different names that you have heard given to each shift!

    I have heard night shift being called vampires , night crawlers, children of the night!

    I have heard day shift being called... Well I don't know really!

    Give some good ones peoples
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    I call us cave dwellers, since we never see the sun.
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    I cannot repeat the names that my noc shift crew calls the oncoming day shift one
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    Night shift...same thing..or night owls.

    Day shift...usually the proper name for a female dog
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    we working internal rotation but the other 'side' of the unit is always 'the dark side ' from your 'home' side
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    Day babes.
    Night Howls.
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    Quote from circejane
    i call us cave dwellers, since we never see the sun.

    the what??
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    We called ourselves "The A Team "

    (day shift was not amused )
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    That's what I call night shift too! Haha

    Day shift, well I am still thinking! LMAO
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