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They are just killing me. Why is it that so many of them feel so entitled to sit in their aging parents rooms and just boss us nurses to HELL and back, while they sit there, fully able to do much of what we're doing for their... Read More

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    All these past messages are thought provoking and accurate! With pt.s that require care to recieving admissions from the ER,OR, and direct admissions which is a process that is time consuming. Add to that, recieving admissions at the start of the shift which compunds the situation when your at your busiest!
    We had an admission nurse who did nothing but admissions for all the units which was money well spent, but the hospital cut that out due to fiscal responsibility.
    Include into this when providing for your pt.s becomes hampered when you have a tech. shortage and your also providing total pt!
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    Quote from hekate
    i can't believe what i just read! are you guys going along with such insulting, inhuman directives?

    i would throw a fit!:angryfire

    why wouldn't it be known that nurses take a lunch break? are we robots? do we not qualify for the most basic human needs?!

    this is just wrong in so many ways!
    i very rarely take my breaks and it isn't normal- but to actually advertise to patients a culture of slavery for the nursing staff is intentionally belittling and encouraging abuse!
    that really made me sick!
    i have been a nurse for 36 years and find this appaling!!! i have quit due to such, finding a position is not difficult but remains on the front lines with demanding patients, i refuse to be abused by anyone, wonder why there is nursing crisis?? what happened to respect???? we are to stop people from suffering and dieing, not to pull the sheets up, water for family members, etc. i ask them, " would you rather me getting you water or saving someones life?." that pretty much stops that behavior.
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    i have been a nurse for 36 years and refuse to be abused by anyone!! [color=dimgray]i ask pt or fml menber " would you have me get you a coke or save someones life?" this usually turns things around and i can take care of my patients needs. i am now not nursing due these " customer " needs, i am a nurse and am responsible for my patients medical needs. period.
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    when at work, i hardly get to eat,pee, or drink. after a couple of days, i am definately dehydrated. parched lips,dry skin, and not much urine to have to hold in. it is truely subhuman treatment,and we are not allowed to keep anything to drink at the nurse's station. just in the kitchen or breakroom. but our manager is such a neat-freak, that she throws stuff out, it's unbelievable
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    You know, this is a modern day form of abuse and SLAVERY; and it should be stopped as soon as possible!!!

    This sounds very much like a Civil Rights issue to me.

    If this could be dealt with on a federal level -- like is should be -- hospitals and other medical facilities would be forced to hire staff sufficient to carry the load -- and NOT burden YOU with alone. True, health care costs would go up, but then again so would the quality of health care.

    Somebody ought to do a documentary to show how nurses go without food, water -- or proper rest.

    This form of slavery is breaking and killing many medical professions prematurely. And it's just disgusting, cruel, and inhumane. To me it sounds like it violates fair business practices and employee's rights.

    In this country, it's not even legal to work animals the way some of you are being worked. Don't tolerate it!!! Complain whenever you get a chance -- even if you have to remain anonymous.

    Also, document everything that's noteworthy in case you have to sue!!!

    Heck, even Wal-Mart employees did that and won!!!

    You have rights. Find out what they are. Ask questions. Contact attorneys if you have to. And contact local Civil Rights groups in your area. Also address President Obama with your concerns and complaints. The lives of many are at stake!!!!

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    I couldn't agree more!! Contact the Human Rights Commission concerning these workplace abuses! Until nurses finally put there foot down, and REFUSE to act like waitresses while caring for patients, these abuses will continue.

    Do family members ask the Physical Therapists to "fetch" them some water, snacks, pillows, or blankets? Do they scream at other health care workers because they are "stressed out" about the condition of their family members? Of course not. The only reason that nurses have become the hospital's "whipping boys", is because nurses let them.

    I do not agree with the excuse that we should give "stressed out family members a break", because the only individuals who seem to be the target of their "stress", is the nursing staff.

    Make them accountable and refuse to be a waitress. Perhaps if nurses sent famiy members a bill for 15% of the services you provided, (15 minutes to go to the kitchen and fix a snack, 30 minutes searching for pillows, blankets, 30 minutes talking to six family members on the phone, giving each the same information, etc. times, 15% of how much do you make an hour? You get the picture. JMHO and my NY $0.02.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
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    I still think it would be a benefit if all patients were given, along with their Patient's Rights info, their Patient's Responsibilities. Some responsibilities:

    Treat all the staff with respect.

    Please be aware that if your request for a non-urgent item or service is delayed, you may call again. It may be due to an emergency that your nurse or aide cannot be there.

    Appoint one family member or friend to be the go-to person for loved ones who want information of pt. condition (saving staff from the Hippa mantra and many wasted minutes on phone/in hallway, etc).

    Family members & visitors should respectfully stay out of the staff's way (ie, leave room for pt. treatment, meds, assessments). This protects the patients' privacy as well.

    Family & visitors should expect to utilize the cafeteria, snack machines and visitor rest rooms. Please inform your visitors that your tray is specifically for your dietary needs, and should not be shared; the bathroom is for the patient only, etc.

    Please inform your visitors you are here for a reason. Please keep the visits short unless there is someone who will be staying most of the time to assist the pt. with dementia, etc.

    I know these need to be polished up a bit, but it would spell it out for all of us. Why is it so hard? Why does it even have to be written out? Someone staying at a hotel is paying a fee, but the "unwritten rule" is that the patron not rob/destroy/trash the place...or have 4-6 extra people staying with them, without additional fees for extra pillows, blankets, cots, etc.
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    Where I work, they started this hourly rounding program, called the 6 P's. I can't remember all of what they stand for but for an ICU nurse, I find it insulting as I round hourly anyhow.I wonder how management expects a nurse with 7-10 patients to round hourly. It's suppose to encourage "better" customer service. Better customer service would be realistic and SAFE staffing for units where nurses have 7-10 patients. But oh no, god forbid there be SAFE staffing because it's not in the budget.

    I can't wait until I can do agency then I won't have to deal with the politics of this crap.
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    At my hospital, the nurses, and techs carry cordless phones so that the front desk can contact you or the tech if I pt. calls them for a need. The hospital made a policy of placing a billboard in pt.'s rooms listing the their nurse's and tech's phone #s with the nurse's # at the top of the list. Guess who gets called directly first for every little thing.
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    Quote from Wade21
    At my hospital, the nurses, and techs carry cordless phones so that the front desk can contact you or the tech if I pt. calls them for a need. The hospital made a policy of placing a billboard in pt.'s rooms listing the their nurse's and tech's phone #s with the nurse's # at the top of the list. Guess who gets called directly first for every little thing.
    Why don't you add the phone numbers of the nurse manager, the Director of Nursing and the hospital CEO? Let them share the wealth and experience the same interruptions as the staff! JMHO and my NY $0.02.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
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