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here’s a small sample of statements i’ve read on allnurses.com: “the majority of nurses are women and women are catty individuals.” “unfortunately, i don't think backstabbing is confined to nurses, but rather in the female... Read More

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    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~

    I don't claim to.
    I meant that as a serious question, not personally. In retrospect, I should have worded it differently.

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    I only know a handful of people who I would call catty. One of them is a man. I know a lot of people who call women catty for behaviors that are more accurately described as something else. I've once made an observation about what a complete stranger was wearing as she walked down the street to my male companion, and he said, "meeeeee-ow". No . . . it was more like "What Not to Wear" and I really don't feel myself to be competing with everyone who happens to have two x chromosomes, really. He remained skeptical.

    The pervasiveness of the "all women are catty" myth leads people to see it and believe it when a more nuanced explanation would probably disprove a lot of the knee-jerk labeling. I think it's sort of funny that women who say they can't stand other women and only hang out with other guys have deemed themselves to be male in that regard. I wonder how many people who know them well would agree.
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    Quote from ruby vee
    you're right, i don't know you. i'm just pointing out that if the majority of your interactions with other women is negative maybe it's not them. maybe it's you. that was not catty, unprofessional or mean. it might even have been helpful, if you were open to it.
    yup, drama follows drama. man, woman or otherwise.
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    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    This is an example of misogyny right there. You read into my statement whatever was going to support your viewpoint not what I actually said. Often when people are participating in relational aggression they see themselves not as participating in the abuse but in supporting the agressor. MOST people don't get up and go to work and think today I will be an evil cow and help attack my coworkers. No they think they have their coworker friends back.

    Most bullies are not aware that they are a bully IMHO. The average person wouldn't continue to participate in such behaviors if they recognize it as being cruel. I do believe that people are inherently good they just don't know how to go about it.
    Interesting viewpoint, if that's how the rest of the gang justifies bullying as just "supporting" their chosen leader, I think that's sad and ridiculous! Never been one for cliques, won't be part of one! I'm too independent and stubborn and won't let someone have that kind of control over me! Reminds me of high school when I overheard a group of girls with the ring leader telling the others what they were going to wear the next day and who they could go out with!

    The leader is usually someone who is very narccisistic and needs to be the center of attention! Frankly, I don't get why people fawn over someone and are willing to give them that kind of power and adulation at work or over their personal life. One young girl based her decision to get married on the approval of one such "leader" at work! Really, you would let someone else decide who your going to marry? Are you kidding me! True story! Inevitably divorce followed down the line!
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    Again you read into my statement what you wanted to hear in order to validate your viewpoint.

    What I actually said was that people are inheriently good. They think they are doing the right thing but lack insight into their own behavior. The average person doesn't go into a movie theatre shooting people either but this thread would lead you to believe any women who has behaved in a way to another women that the second woman did not like is part of an evil cliche but its just not true.
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    And in your fairy tale world you live in bullying doesn't happen! It's all just a misunderstanding! The many people who have been victims of this would disagree with you!
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    I've been a victim of bullying and I've BEEN a bully but most bullies don't self identify as being bullies. Anyone who has read any of my post would know I don't subscribe to fairytales but if you want to read it that way so you get to use some !!! then thats fine by me.

    Thanks for the cat pic electrosaurus I've literally been dealing with that all day. Got a new cat a few weeks ago and they are just now starting to hate each other.
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