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An obnoxious nurse decided to "take a turn" at me while I was starting my new job. She is known for this, and probably does it to every new face she meets. I would :redbeathe to throw her :twocents: back in her :nurse:. ... Read More

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    I think I understand your situation, the previous posts clarified things. It sounds like the age old nursing BS of bullying each other. Unfortunately we live with this dysfunction all the time. Congratulations for both seeing the absurdity of it and asking for support to stop the petty BS!
    There's lots of literature out there, even a recent article posted in AllNurses, on bullying in Nursing. The basics of several articles I've reviewed are that you must call it what it is for you. If it's offensive to you, let the perp. know, their behavior is difficult and you want it stopped. Often it's the sniping under-handed passive aggressive stuff, then ask " Is there a problem?" "Is there something you can't say directly to me? " I've recently )again) found these subtle comments, posed as a question helpful in gently letting a bullying Charge RN know that I will not let her nastiness be directed at me. So far, I'm getting less of her negativity.
    Difficult as it is, it's your job to set limits on others & TELL them you expect the behavior to stop. DOCUMENT every instance including how you responded. If a clear message has been given and the offender hasn't, won't or maybe can't, change, then you have a pattern of behavior to report. You will have clear objective notes of your own. Nobody else needs to read them unless you wish to disclose this. Even if the bullying doesn't stop, you will have the peace of mind knowing you acted in self-respect. Best wishes in pursuing a healthier work environment.
    Please keep us posted on your progress.
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