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People on here need to realize that when you complain on here (and for some that all those individuals do) it really dissuades us new grads from continuing into the profession. First and most obvious question, Does anyone... Read More

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    Quote from LadyFree28
    Edited: Exactly...who wrote THIS??? The producers at MTV??? :seriously:
    ahh remember when MTV actually used MUSIC...
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    Just a friendly reminder about the terms of service. We encourage lively debate but please dont debate the poster. Thansk.
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    Not even the uniform!!!! LOL!!!!!
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    People are way too sensitive.
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    Quote from YouwishiwasyourCNA
    You probably should've just asked that. The way you worded your original post is just begging for attack. This isn't a forum for new nurses, it includes new nurses but isn't all about that. Why would anyone refrain from talking about how they feel because it may make someone think they chose the wrong profession? Is it better if they pretend they like all aspects when in reality half the time they leave feeling like they got hit by a truck? You will find may positive stories here too. The reality is most new nurses and students have no clue what it's really like. ( Myself included) Nursing school is nothing like the real world."No day but today"
    Not even the uniforms!!! LOL!!!!
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    Quote from hershdawg

    ahh remember when MTV actually used MUSIC...
    Yeah, GOOD times...now they sound like the Yahoo post Esme's highlighted...LOL...rolflmao....
    STILL funny....if anything this post can be positive, PLEASE look at the post of the yahoo link, Esme highlighted it...I swear...I can't wait to show this to my co workers tomorrow!!!

    I can see the show on MTV...The Real World:General Hospital...LOL...
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    i have been a nurse 26 yrs .i have done mostly bedside nursing.i can't imagine being anything other than a nurse.but nursing is really hard .i don't mind working hard but the hospital has made doing my job day to day miserable.it doesn't matter how much i make .its not enough for what we nurses to everyday.i still want to take care of pts.i like what i do .for me being a nurse is more then a job.but i don't look forward to going into work anymore.matter of fact some days i dread it.
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    Nursing is like being on a teeter totter. Some days you are up in the air and other days you fall smartly on your ass, only to go back up again.

    I have loved nursing and I have hated nursing. Healthcare is the only job I have done. I started at age 18 as a CNA and worked up the ranks. I did end up being burned out and left nursing for close to 5 yrs. Now I'm back and in full force. I love my job, and I am focused on a career. I'm proud to call myself a nurse. I have finally come full circle.

    As for grads, or students. I love them. I want them to teach them survival skills in nursing. I don't want them to go through what I did.
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    Quote from nurseladybug12
    I did not realize that people had to stop pursuing their dreams or their education to provide you with job stability. I am a new nurse and I worked my butt off to get to where I am and I am sorry if there are many more of us to replace you.
    Nobody is saying don't pursue your dreams. We're just saying that we don't NEED you to replace us. Society might eventually need you. Someday I might need a nurse. But I'll go without a nurse rather than have one that's scared away by some vents on a message board. Or that's going to whine because they lack reading comprehension. Excuse me if I don't go around begging people to become nurses so that hospitals will have a ready supply of cheap replacements that they can threaten me with and make my working environment even worse than it already is. I'm actually considered nice to new grads. But some of the ones that post here with their grand sense of entitlement would not be welcomed into my workplace, by ANY of us.
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    Quote from Orion81
    How unbelievably, offensively rude. And you know what? I don't care what you think. When you became a nurse, you took on the role as teacher and role model for all nurses following you. THAT is the REALITY. Whether you like it or not, YOU are our teacher. You better hope to hell we new grads don't have nurses like you who we are trying to look up to when YOU are the patient in the hospital. I love learning from experienced nurses. Guess what? You better care how you are teaching us. WE are the future experienced nurses taking care of your kids. I never disrespected experienced nurses til I became a part if this website and saw how much we new grads are despised by so many of you. Its like "how dare anyone after us become a nurse and try to learn." Yeah, the NERVE of us.
    You are being hyperbolic. I don't care to be your teacher, I didn't sign up for that. You hired nurse educators to teach you in school, and your employers assigned preceptors to you in the work place. I have declined offers for both those opporunities because I do not have an interest or talent for teaching. I am a talented clinician, however, and you may or may not look up to me as a role model, that's up to you. But I owe you nothing. I don't despise new graduates. I am not interested enough in them to take the time to either love them or despise them. I'm far too busy. Calm yourself and move on. It isn't all about you. In fact, it has nothing to do with you. Nursing is a terrible job even without your terrible attitude, lol.
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