gift ideas for christmas to co-workers

  1. hi everyone!!!

    its that time of the year again and we are exchanging gifts to each other at my work. what do you think is a good gift to give to co-worker? do you think giving a gift certificate is a good idea? :icon_razz::snowman1::santa5::snowman1::ball:resent1:resent2:
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  3. by   fgoff
    OH MY! It is that time of year again!
    I always liked a little 'home made somethin'. I realize (as I'm sure we all do) that my co-workers live under the same budget restraints that I have, so I never expected or felt all that comfortable accepting more that small gifts. Plus my dept. just added 4 newbies!!!!!!!!! The list just keeps going.......
  4. by   flightnurse2b
    depends on how many gifts you are giving! im broke so i like to make cookies and brownies. its thoughtful but not very expensive and i can always have enough for everyone.
  5. by   luvschoolnursing
    One year I made tissue box covers out of Christmas fabric. Made it in the shape of the small square type and put elastic at the top with some ribbon, etc. Cost VERY little, a little fabric and a box of tissue and everyone liked them. Took about 10 minutes each.
  6. by   classicdame
    We finally decided to treat others and everyone chipped in to buy a new toy for Pedi's. This has worked for several years now. Have to check with those nurses first to see what is allowed.
  7. by   nozyrozy40
    we're having an ornament exchange....we each buy an ornament and then each of us choose a gift wrapped ornament....everyone spends approximately the same amount and no is stuck wondering what to get for someone they may not know all that well. i've got 22 family members to buy for....not including my own kids.
  8. by   plumrn
    We usually draw names and do a Secret Santa. It's fun and no one gets their feelings hurt because they didn't receive a present from anyone.
  9. by   barefootlady
    new bandage sizzors if your unit does dressings.
    change purse that snaps closed but fits into pocket easily.
    cushioned socks
    dollar store push button flashlight that can double as pen light for neuro checks
    chap stick in flavors
    tubes of hand crearm
    lanyard for ID
    the best is a small cookbook you have put together yourself. take the time to think of some easy,
    cheap fun receipes, type them up, make copies, print them out, staple and cover with red or green
    construction paper . I hve done this a time or two, I use some very old, easy, cheap and fun receipes.
    Usually 2 or 3 to a page and put about a total of 15 or 20 in the cookbook. I have rolled the book up and tied it with ribbon that had a ornament with the persons name on it from sprinkling with glitter. Easy, cheap and not too much to do. Guys even like this if they are single.
  10. by   ASSEDO
    For several people: Get cute box from the dollar store, go to Walmart and buy Epson Salts Lavender bath salts. Pour a cup of Salts in the zip locked plasted bag, put it in the box and you have a gift.
  11. by   sister--*
    One yr. I made hot chocolate mix, filled plastic sandwhich bags about 1/2 full beginning in a bottom corner, placed a few marshmellows on top, twisted the bags closed, and then tied them off with curling ribbon. I included instructions to mix with one cup hot water and stir. They looked like little ice-cream cones. Really cute.

    Another yr. I purchased little smudge pots from a craft store (20 for $1)....a size just perfect to slip into uniform pockets.... and filled each one with with my favorite hand lotion/cream. I decorated the little lids with stickers that I purchased at the Dollar Store. I placed these all in a wicker basket to which I attached a Christmas card and an invitation to take one.

    One yr. I found myself with co-workers that liked to laugh. I took Dollar Store maxi pads and made little "Pad About" gag slippers. Four pads per pair. I decorated the slippers by hot glueing little sequins and minature baubles onto them. The decorations came from a Dollar Store garland that I had purchased and cut apart. Let me tell ya, these were a hit!!

    Another year I found little Holiday/Winter sun catchers at the Dollar Store 4/$1. Well, I bought a box. Those went over well, too.

    I've baked fruit breads in miniture bread pans and given those away. You can bake a lot of these for a little bit of $$.

    Last year I received a small Holiday bag of the Epsom fragrant salts mentioned above. I used it to soak my feet before giving myself a pedicure. It was so nice!
  12. by   CyndieRN2007
    Our nurse manager usually gets us all matching christmas scrub tops. I like to bake goodies for everyone.
  13. by   bagladyrn
    Last year my mom and I made gifts for all her neighbors and my coworkers. We made the "flavored spoons" you use to stir your coffee or cocoa with. Get the melting chips in chocolate and vanilla, concentrated flavor drops such as mint, amaretto, etc., and heavy clear plastic spoons. After melting the chips in batches add flavorings to each, dip the spoon end (I dip them twice) in the melt and lay them on wax paper to harden.
    If you wrap them in the holiday color plastic wrap and tie a bit of ribbon around the stem, they make a great little gift by arranging half a dozen in a coffee mug from the dollar store. If you want you can add a packet of cocoa mix to the gift.
  14. by   time4meRN
    Mini loaves of quick bread ,
    This year I'm making cinnamon, cconut, and lemon with a lemon glaze. I wrap each in a cute little wrap and put it all on a big plate in the lounge and let people pic the kind they want. It doesn't take long because you can make really big batches and bake many at one time.