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  1. I see this all the time....doing something you know is wrong just because others do it. You got caught, you're under investigation....own it. Next time, do what YOU know is right.
  2. It would help to know what state you reside in. In NY, you can no longer sit for the NCLEX-PN while an RN student. You must complete the LPN program.
  3. RNGrammie

    Has anyone tried team nursing? Opinions?

    I work in LTC and we have 3 floors, one of them locked dementia unit....40 residents per floor...2 nurses per floor, 4-5 CNA's floor. I would love it if we did team nursing. Although our residents/patients are less critical, it's an incredible responsibility as a nurse to be responsible for 20 residents/patients. Team nursing sounds like a dream.
  4. RNGrammie

    LPN licensure midway through RN program?

    What state are you in?? Some states have done away w/ allowing RN stdents to sit for the NCLEX-PN after completing their first year.
  5. RNGrammie

    Using Creative Charting...

    [color=#b22222]where i work....it's referred to as the "natal cleft"
  6. RNGrammie

    Nurses who Nurse Patients

    lpn's do not "assess"....they "gather data".
  7. .There was an article in our daily paper today...... N.Y. bill would require bachelor's degrees for RNs | Press & Sun-Bulletin | pressconnects.com ALBANY -- New registered nurses would have to earn bachelor's degrees within 10 years to keep working in New York under a bill lawmakers are considering as part of a national push to raise educational standards for nurses, even as the health care industry faces staffing shortages.
  8. RNGrammie

    Vodka tampons?!?

    I know of someone who used to get and give red wine enemas. They said they got pretty drunk that way....faster than drinking it. Not my choice of the way I enjoy my Red Cat.
  9. RNGrammie

    Am I Being "Exploited"?

    If you were hired as a Per Diem nurse then you probably won't receive benefits or be able to belong to the union. As a per diem nurse you can choose NOT to work 5 days a week. The company can't make you work 5 days. Or you CAN choose to work the 5 days...but no benefits. If you're already doing a 5 day week, why not see if the company will change your status to full time employee?
  10. RNGrammie

    Please help me LPN's or former LPN's...

    Like a previous poster stated...you don't have to answer every post. If you choose not to help w/ "homework" then just skip it...don't respond. There are some homework posts that I will just pass on responding to. There are some that are valid. Guess it's the "teacher" in me. First career was an educator....even in nursing I enjoy precepting and educating the new nurses. I'm pretty sure we can tell which students want us to "do" their homework and which ones want help, advice. I see alot of nurses post about "homework" and maybe if we just skip the posts that we deem "doing it for them" they'll get the idea.
  11. RNGrammie

    Please help me LPN's or former LPN's...

    Kind of rude. The OP is only asking for help for her "homework" because this doesn't look like an assignment she can complete on her own. She is to interview an LPN. What better place than this awesome site. Not everyone is here is so quick to belittle the students for "dropping off" homework. OP.....I'd love to help but I'm an RN and good luck in your education and future career.
  12. RNGrammie

    How to find a job after being fired?

    You probably need a SSN for applications and such. You have to fill out an I9 form whenever hired. Do you not have one??
  13. RNGrammie

    If you were me, would you...

    I got my LPN after 3 semesters of my RN program. I worked in LTC part time. I think it was invaluable!! I made my final semesters really "click". I was able to use what I was learning in school and able to do better in school for what I had learned while working. I don't think I could have done it full time, but our facility had shifts that you could do 3 days a week. Worked well for me.
  14. Please check your Care Plan book or Google it....I found it through google.
  15. RNGrammie

    Tylenol IV

    The new MDD of acetaminophen is 3 grams/24hr.
  16. RNGrammie

    Advice from someone who might have "been there"...

    i'm sorry you're going through this!! it is my understanding that if a student repeats a class due to a low grade they do not receive financial aide to cover those credits. my son received a c in a physics class and re-took it for a higher grade and found out he wasn't going to get financial aide for those credits. i would think if you had proof the prof was passing students w/ a d grade onto the next level, that would work in your favor.....no? i wish you all the best!