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I had a patient yesterday that truly must've thought I was his audience at the comedy club. He had such a snarky sarcastic attitude, a really dumb sense of humor, and wasn't funny. He made obnoxious comments and was clearly... Read More

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    Quote from Jeweles26
    Ever seen movies or commercials of those morons who harass the Royal Guard at Buckingham palace, just because they know those guys can't show any reaction? I think that's what some patients are like. Just push our buttons over and over again, just for oop:s and giggles, because they know we can't push back for fear of losing our jobs.
    I saw a video where this guy is harassing a guard and the guard knocks him on his butt. Seriously, why would anyone mess with elite soldiers?
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    I just don't show any reaction. My face is a blank slate.
    I consider this part of my skills

    Sometimes, I get a pt who's tossing out insults and stupid comments and you can see from the expression on their face that they are enjoying what they are doing... they may be smiling or looking at me sideways with a gleam in their eye. You know the type I mean. You want to smack 'em! But, my brain is trained to shut off my facial expression when they do that. I have it mastered!

    Sometimes, I even call their bluff, "Joe, I do believe you are trying to get a reaction out of me." I say this very matter-of-fact. This ruins their fun. If I know their game, they know they won't get what they want from me.
    I had two sisters come to visit their mom. Both were totally obnoxious, but one more than the other. The more obnoxious one kept spitting out the most ignorant comments, obviously trying to wank me off (she darn near did it, too!). She eventually chilled out because I totally ignored her: I directed all my questions to her sister, I would only look at her sister and in no way did I acknowledge anything she said. I even turned by body so that I "edged" her out.

    I've said a hundred times, "don't feed the beast".
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    OP, your post reminded me of a patient I took care of in nursing school. At the end of the day, my clinical instructor said to me "I don't know how you put up with that man all day, he's the rudest person I've ever met." He didn't ruffle my feathers in the least. I said, "you should meet my family."
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    Easier for me to count the patients that didn't work a nerve
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    I just turn off the vent if they **** me off
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    I admit I really don't have a sense of humor so I give a blank look when something is funny to everyone else. I do laugh of course but something has to be super funny in order for me to do so.

    So usually with these types of patients I give them the blank look. And when they tell me that was a joke I still give them the blank look and continue on with what I need to do. Works 100% for me. Or if they are being super obnoxious or mean I tell them I will not tolerate that behavior.

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    If a patient is well enough to act up, he certainly doesn't need to be in the hospital.......
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    If a patient is well enough to act up, he certainly doesn't need to be in the hospital.......
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    Too bad that we don't have the authority to discharge these ding-a-lings.
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    It's not so much the patients that upset me but more so the FAMILY!!!! They will come and stand in the hall waiting for you to snap and have an attitude because "my sister needs her pain medication, she's sick do something!!!" First of all I can't do anything because I'm not a nurse just a cna...for now and second of all stop acting like your sister is the only patient here when there's 15 other sick patients some who are wayyyyyy more sick than your sister! UGH! LOL

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