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Ever know someone who has a major crush on a doctor? Then you have to be extra nice to all the doctors so it's not so obvious that your so nice to your crush doctor. Then your co-workers name 6 other doctors that they think... Read More

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    OK, a bit off topic, but funny nonetheless.

    There is a new cardiac surgeon who thinks he is "Da GOODS". He even wears a chain around his neck-ack! For some reason, he thinks that all of the nurses go weak-kneed when he is around. He does the whole 'leaning on the desk with one arm to talk and then winks' routine. GAWD!

    So one day he had some students observing in the OR. I was in charge that day, so I had to go and get scrubs for them. He overheard me tell them that I would be right back with their scrubs, and he said, "Hey Canes, how 'bout you get me a pair too. I am running low." Then he shot me that dreadful wink. My knee jerk reaction was to say, "OK. Can you put me on your payroll since I am doing errands for you?" But instead, a sinister thought ran through my head, an evil plan was formulated, and I went to the scrub machine to retrieve some scrubs.

    I came back to the desk and handed the students their scrubs. I handed the surgeon his as well, colored pant string up. He was in the middle of a conversation with my nurse manager. I politely interrupted them and said, "Here are your freshly pressed scrubs, Dr. X." He said, "Well Oh My Goodness. What a good girl. Thank you so much." I noticed that my NM was trying very hard to keep a straight face, because she knew my intent, and understood the joke long before he did. Then he looked down at the scrubs I handed him and said, "Oh wait up...these are 4X scrubs. I wear an XL." As innocently as I could, I replied, "I am so sorry! I thought that you would be more comfortable in large scrubs. You know, large enough for you AND your ego." He never winked at me again!
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    The OP's post is too funny! Yeah, I've had a crush different doctors and nurses but I learned the hard way to never date anyone you work with!!!

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